Add Templates onto each other/ resize building furniture/item menu/ builder QOL improvements

I have been thinking, it would be a neat feature to be able to add templates on top of other templates.

Lets say, you design a very neat room, and you want to duplicate that room. Instead of making that room 10 times, you just copy and paste the room into whatever location you wanted (or in some cases, how about a large building? I want to make a little town square around a large building, but I cant seem to be able to edit them at the same time and save them together.)

Also, it would be really nice to be able to resize the item menu from the new builder.

Instead of having it the default small size, id like to be able to have it take up the whole left side of my screen, or just have it be taller

Heck, it would be even nicer if it would just be a “info border”, like, have the bottom of the screen pop up a little bar, and when you select one, it brings brings up a sidebar with whatever you just chose, that way you use as much real estate as possible from the screen to display all items.

Also, the search for given items should not carry over (If I search for “bed” under furniture, I wont find any doors, even though I did not mean to search for bed, its just taht the text remains there)

Also, a “collections” feature would be nice. Have a selection of items you like be pre-loaded into a smaller list, divided by category (Lets say, level 1 house preset- mean bed, small window, simple door- Level 3 preset, ornate bed, double door, X or Y item)

Just a thought

Here’s a counter-example: consider searching for something like “ornate” or “stone.” You may very well want to select furniture/decoration to fit a theme, using the search feature more as a filter than to find a single item.

yes, but what if I have 50 items with the name “wooden” in it, and I just want “wooden bed”. I can easily search for “bed” and ill get EXACTLY what I want. there may be 20 wooden doors. I jsut want “plain door”.

Your example helps, id just like to see it more fleshed out, otherwise it jsut feels like a stopgap measure

Sure, I’m just saying that segregating the search to each item type (furniture/doors/windows/decoration) isn’t necessarily a default expectation, since there are other uses for the search than finding specific individual items. Now, perhaps that’s the most likely use case and so it should be made the normal behavior, I don’t know, I’m just pointing out a use case that I imagine to be fairly common that it sounded like you hadn’t thought of.