[Ack] Armor makes you weaker

i dont know if anyone has said anything about this

but i was trying to make my nekomancer test more easy to work so i wanted to up my base damage reduction value on my armor to live longer to get to the proper level

turns out it made my hearthling do 0 damage…so i have concluded that armor makes you weaker xD , radiant has trolled us allll

steps to reproduce , change any “base_damage_reduction” : 100

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There is a magic that controls @nekochan!? :open_mouth:

sort of, you will have to go to my other thread on it lol

now with videos!! :smiley: but yea…armor …bad

You are correct. Armor makes your target take less damage, not you! This will be fixed in Alpha 9.


That would explain bikini armor! The less you wear, the more you hurt your opponent. It all makes sense now! :wink:

(as opposed to the actual likely result of bikini armor: http://briannz.deviantart.com/art/Perils-of-Bikini-Armor-387996234) :smile:

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…well… that’s kind of a biggie… :open_mouth:

thanks @Tom … [tagged] :+1:

Ok, this class is GOT to get into the game.

Meet the nekomancer!
Can summon and control cats!
At high level it can use nekomimis to distract any and all enemies.

And here i have been, working for hours to get my steel plate and when i finally do it makes my footman weaker! :laughing:

Not to mention make them invisible.