[Ack] 2176 x64 AI error - Not enough memory

Was going along just fine, some hearthings mining, crafters crafting, saw out of corner of screen some goblins heading in and Boom this screen popped up and the game closed as soon as I clicked anything.

System: Intel Core i7 4820 3.70GHz
16 Gigs Ram
Windows 7 Home Premium
Nvidia GeForce GTX 760

No mods

hey there @Unatan2… can you open your saves at all? if possible, open a previous save and before doing anything else, try and grab your ID value (from the submit a bug screen)… thanks!

16g Ram ---- yes that definitly to less :wink:

i think all the AI issues, stutter and hungup issues has with an problem in the x64 convertion todo … x64 should use more memory but its like he use only the normal x86 memorysettings but the game wants to use more … hmmmmm i dont know xD

the number is also in the user_settings.json as User ID

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Working on it as we speak, actually. Maybe fixed next build.


because of this infos and your great work - i can only say WOHOOO I LOVE YOU GUYS :smiley: