Ace - update please help


Since the new update i have problems

What ca i do please?


I know that the xpcall can be fixed by completely closing out of Stonehearth and opening it back up. The campaign error can be caused by something as simple as a group of mobs spawning incorrectly. I would suggest to restart your computer and try again.


thx for you help. but nothings helps. Stonehearth take 13,7 GB sometimes???


I had a similar error message before. It’s because the ACE mod updated and you try to play an “older” save. This error should disappear when you start e new game.


Have now made a completely new game and again in the freezing of the game. Stonehearth takes 14.8 GB. My RAM is then at 99%… Once more unplayable.


Hmm… doesn’t sound good.

I recommend to change the thread section. You put it under “Modding” but this would be a “bug report” :wink: