[ACE] Pre-Release 0.9.2 - Out now!


Nuts and fuel are ok, the recipe just sits in the order list


@Wouter_Sikkema @xylpho
I’m looking at it right now, I think I figured it out.

Turns out that seeds, unlike 99% of the other crafting ingredients specified through resource constants and not a specific uri, have multiple entity forms (they can be planted after all) and although the game does recognize their existence, their iconic forms must have the necessary resource constant tags to be used (since the planted form can’t, obviously, be used)

Should be easy to fix, just need to add the necessary tags to the iconic form.

Thanks for the reports!


Glad to help a bit. Btw, fantastic work !


Then I’d think about a component for storing information about kingdom of origin and change the model according to that, but for the sake of blueprint clarity I would definitely do everything to keep workbenches down to one uri each.


There actually seems to be something else with the seeds, actually… It’s an interesting bug, not even our own added seeds work - however if I removed the mixintos to the base game seeds, our seeds start working and the cook can use them.

Hmmmmmmm :thinking:

Ahhhh now I found it.
It’s kind of the opposite, actually – the material tags must be in the main entity json and not in the iconic - but additionally the iconic must not have the material tags otherwise for some reason they won’t use it for crafting :expressionless: so… yeah :smiley:

(this is exactly the sort of issue that inspired the golden egg :stuck_out_tongue: )


Hey @DaniAngione any update/information on the pc/mac multiplayer issue im having? :slight_smile:
Sorry if I seem like im in a rush, me and my friend are eager to start a game with ACE enabled :sweat_smile:


C’mon Dani, I know what inspired the Golden Egg…


I took a look but couldn’t find anything mod/ACE related :frowning:
I’m not really a good coder/debugger though - so someone else might see more - but from what I could tell, the issue is more related to the Mac compatibility on the engine’s end than our mod, even though something in our mod is probably triggering it. :frowning: I’ll keep looking, sorry for that!

:open_mouth: To be really honest, I only remembered that now when I read your message :jubilant:
I never really cared much for coops, too annoying to take care of :stuck_out_tongue: so I didn’t even think of that!

The idea was a joke around the idea of “easter egg”, more or less. But lol, now I’m worried. Maybe it’s too imprinted in my subconsciousness? :jubilant:


And why do you think I like H&H mod ACE so much?
I don’t think there’s anything wrong about taking ideas from old H&H because its development went in a different way, it is not the same game it used to be few years ago and it lost some of its qualities which you guys managed to bring to SH so congrats and keep up the good work.

Now, on a more SH note: I would love an option to automatically replace items with their higher quality versions. I know it seems way too hard to code but still, one can dream about it. One thing I thought about was doing it in a bit different (and eco-friendly) way: the crafter who has an empty crafting order could attempt to increase the quality of already placed objects (with chances of failing, of course). Another way to do that could be not to replace objects with each other but just transfer the quality components between them (so there is no need to worry about all the rest of stuff).


A way to easily replace things with their better quality versions would be good indeed. But I’d still prefer to have some control over it – maybe I intentionally want somewhere to have lower quality or the opposite, I might want somewhere to have that fancy masterwork bed first (and not have some other bed be replaced with it), but unsure of the best way to come up with something like that.

I think the easiest/simplest thing to come up with would be a button that shows up on the unit frame if the game detects that same entity but with better quality in your inventory, and then with just a click they do the entire replacing. But at the same time, a “just replace everything, always” do sound interesting for “less Important projects” or more casual gameplay


Hey just wanted to say thanks for the amazing mod I have injoyed all my time playing it thanks


Sap! With release ACE mod, i and my friends have the same problem - super laggs in the solo and coop, when
the number of citizens is more than 20+. Our PC’s can run all games in ultra setting, so the problem is optimization of your game. This is just a report, good luck guys.

P.S. Nuts are still do not want to prepare :sweat_smile:


@Daniels_Gurevics this has to do with stonehearth only using one core for its AI stuff. the stonger your pc’s core, the more hearthlings and AI it can handle. nothing much ACE can do about that.
oddly enough older cpu’s with less but stronger cores seem to be the best thing for stonehearth, but sometimes putting less lights and things on in the options helps a bit. (i can run up to like 50 hearthlings on a 2500k 8gb ram and a gtx1060, for reference. but one core on a 2500k can run up to like 4,5 ish GHZ)


Got ya, but vanilla working 2x gooder than ACE mod ( in coop), that’s what i want to say


ACE is a beasty mod, it adds a lot of mechanics to the game as well that may or may not have some level of impact on the overall performance of things. I have noticed my game taking a bit longer to load up since playing with ACE :wink:


loading times and AI performance should be different issues – the loading time not really an issue so much as an inevitable side-effect of how beastly ACE is, but if ACE is causing an AI slowdown that indeed sounds like a “proper bug.”

However, it may well be that something ACE adds, which is not normally performance-impacting, is the “straw that breaks the camel’s back” in this case – it’s hard to know without more info about the slowdown. With that in mind, @Daniels_Gurevics it’s probably a good idea to give as much info as you can about what’s happening before and during the slowdown. What sorts of things are you and your friends doing, e.g. is there a sudden spike in construction or mining activity, or lots of enemies around?


Savegames are often appreciated as well!

And also, although we are obviously doing our best to keep things optimized, our priority atm is to finish features and solve issues - once everything is in place we can start optimizing things more properly :slight_smile:


This isn’t the correct place to ask, so I apologize, but does anyone know where I can find out just how the farming irrigation works? I have two identical plots, with exactly the same amount of the same type of water “blocks” within their boundaries, and yet one field has 8 water and the other has 13. They don’t intersect one another. I can’t think of any reason why they would be different by observation.

What’s more, is that when I originally dug out the area and placed down the plots, I had missed digging one block, just one. As a result, that plot had only 3 water, even though it was only a one-block difference to the plot that had 8 water. When I dug it out and made them identical, that’s the plot that jumped up to 13 water instead. From 3 to 13…by digging one block.

Is it a bug? Is there some bizarre hidden mechanic going on that exists for no valid gameplay purpose other than to annoy people?


Can you share the save file?


it’s probably not ACE, but more so with however water is filled into empty spaces. I’m guessing that water fills 1 block up more full/fast than the larger dug area that had to fill in more than 1 block? I have no idea just guessing.