[ACE] Pre-Release 0.9.2 - Out now!


Yes, feldspar can be found on surface boulders (quite common), mining regular rock (relatively uncommon) and gold veins (quite common). They’re also present in traders, but overall I’d say there is more feldspar than gold available in the world so it shouldn’t be much of a problem - I guess Ball Clay will be more difficult to obtain than feldspar (unless you’re playing in the desert, where it replaces the common clay) but still relatively common and available in large amounts if you dig in the right places - and also available on shops. Porcelain has some furniture that is a bit more worthy than ornate wood (more appeal and value) so the challenge level is also a bit higher - either way if it remains too difficult can always be tweaked to produce 3 pieces instead of 2 per craft, which would make it quite more obtainable.

Finally, I think that these end-game crafts would benefit a LOT from those ideas we discussed in Discourse of being able to (at least) select the trader type you want with a “higher tier”, larger Market Stall
So that’s something that I’d really love to see happening and should probably help a lot for players with mega projects or ideas for making entire towns based on rarer and more valuable resources!

Aww, I’m sorry to hear about it! Yes, logs and dumps would be really appreciated in this case - I don’t know much about Macs and as far as I know there shouldn’t be any issues since in theory mods can’t affect the compatibility which is done on an engine level, but might be some edge case or other unrelated issue!

So if possible, please provide these :slight_smile:


There is not enough emphasis on trade, I’m the type of Anno-player so I don’t think I must produce everything, import is just as important as export. In particular I’d like to be able to buy raw resources and exotic things I cannot craft myself (like stuff from other kingdoms and hearth quests).The thing is in Anno series I can passively buy items so traders know what I want to buy. With the Geomancer gold becomes practically a renewable resource.


Okay here is the log and the report that showed up after the crash, 100% mining works in single player fine as we tested it before I joined.
Thanks for taking the time to look at this! :slight_smile:

edit: just adding that if im the host (windows) and the mac user joins the mac crashes in the loading screen.

report.docx (126 KB)
stonehearth.log (27.0 KB)

macOS unstable branch live now

Just a quick heads up. My trapper can still befriend big game animals (which leads to the town alert bug) and the Steel Sword in some instances is still referred to as “Long Sword.”


sort of a bug report

I noticed when on speed 2 that my soldiers pathing starts to flicker between their designated patrol path that I set, to the town flag. so they take like a half step towards the town flag, then correct themselves and take a half step back into formation for the patrol. even stranger is that not all of them do it at once, its just a single hearthling each time, and the one who does it seems to be random.


The new animal feed category for chests doesn’t work for all animal feeds. I’ve disabled feed to be in my chests, but there is sheep feed inside anyway.


True, recipes were not changed. Oops! Will fix!

Yes, that is fixed already (just not pushed yet). We’re checking if it might still happen on other situations too (it also does when they’re thinking between going training and patrolling or changing gear and patrolling) Thanks for the report!

Ahh, one of the cases where the material tags are still messed up as mentioned in the known issues :slight_smile: Thank you for catching this one, will fix it!


I have run into a few bugs since I installed ACE earlier this week. One of them is that my herbalist is unable to produce any of the new seeds even if I have met all of the requirements. For whatever reason the items needed to craft the seeds are not detected in the herbalist lab even though I do have them in my inventory. This bug occurs with both mushrooms and flowers and across multiple save files.

For the other bug I’m less sure if it’s an ACE or just a game related thing. As I just started playing the game again after a long time and immediately started using the mod. What happens is that I’m sometimes having problems with prioritizing crafting orders. When I change the order of the queue I sometimes get duplicated orders at the top of the line that are unresponsive and don’t get produced. So they stay at the top of the queue indefinitely. Removing them tends to also remove the second (original) order. I’m also sometimes unable to change the order of the queue in general. The order will stay at the designated place in the queue for a second before returning back to it’s original place. I think this particular bug is related to the amount of orders that are made. As it tends to happen when one of my crafters has a lot of orders.

Thanks for all of your hard work! I’m really loving the changes that were made with this mod.


For the mushroom seeds, are you using the mushroom “plants” themselves and not just the mushroom harvested products (i.e., undeployed, not harvested)? When you hover over the ingredients, can you verify that you do in fact have those precise ingredients in your inventory somewhere?

I’ve definitely experienced pre-ACE the bug of trying to change the order of crafting orders not working very well, when dragging the UI elements on the right. Does dragging them within the Orders tab (at the bottom of the crafting UI) work any better?


I did a quick run through of the NA and I suggest you also append “Steel” to the steel-tier Broadswoard. I suspect RC also hasn’t had the word “Steel” applied to their steel tier weapons yet either.

Speaking of tiered weapons, have you guys thought about tiered tools for other classes to make the blacksmith less combat-focused? Such as…

Iron hoes for farmers/cooks?
Iron trapper’s knife?
Iron pickaxes? (would probably have to change the current pickaxe color to bronze)

That way, the blacksmith has more uses than just military.


Already fixed for the next update :slight_smile:


I mean, you kind of hit the mark of one of the big things coming in the next update… But it’s also connected to another thing that I won’t mention now :stuck_out_tongue:

But let’s just say we’re giving “item quality” (Fine, Excellent & Masterwork) a whole new depth and cool value


Quick question does ACE also change the workstation and not only the clothing of class between civ ?


Correct, factions have unique workstations.

That might cause issues with existing templates that include workstations, they will require a bit of an edit on placement - it would be nice if templates could read workstations generically, this is an idea we might want to look at :smiley:


Yeah i got this little surprise on a new game with the nords ^^’
Had to do a little “ib” to spawn the standart one then replace them with the nord one


Yeah, all the default faction templates have been reworked to use the factional workbenches but indeed any custom templates must be re-saved :slight_smile:


There’s one question to answer: is obtaining a different faction workbench a planned feature? If not, then I would stick to model/icon override and recipe/en.json mixinto to keep things down to one uri.


That doesn’t work for multiplayer, however. But yes, they could be made obtainable through merchants, for example.


Hi, I’ve read all the thread but didn’t see the same problem i’m experiencing. Why my cook refuses to do some cooked nuts ?


Do you have the resources available and are they reacheable by the cook? Others have reported a similar issue (also with nuts) so it might be related to their resource constant. I’ll take a look!


Yeah I also couldn’t get them to cook so it’s probably a recipe thing