[ACE] Pre-Release 0.9.2 - Out now!


Then you find out how to make :’)


Honestly, it overall sounds like you are looking for a different game.


Umm…am I missing something for box selection tool? I know we’re working with a different/scaled down version, but I’m still trying to figure out what version and where it is lol.


In that case, I wouldn’t call it a “scaled down” version – Paul did an awesome work, I think it works better than the original :smiley:


DOH! I kept looking for it in the harvest menu. Thank you so much @DaniAngione!!


yeah i had to get used to that one too. honestly this one makes more sense since the placement menu is there.
(had to make an interesting patch for my custom UI in the nordlingmod XD)


Yeah, it was originally in the harvest menu - we had a discussion about it though and realized that made no sense since you’re not actually harvesting anything, you’re literally moving items around - and the game itself gives us the tip with the symbology behind the “chair” icon that represents the moving of objects around and not the collection of their resources.

So after some brief philosophy we decided that the Place menu was the right place for such a tool, since its behavior is similar to the other buttons of that menu and not at all similar to the buttons in the harvest menu. Besides, the Place menu is kinda empty and the harvest menu is already a bit crowded, so we can smoothly distribute buttons as well :smiley:

Oh, and you can define hotkeys for the commands (they’re blank by default tho)


Didn’t seem to see this mentioned anywhere, but I have another problem.

My brother’s and I love the improvement to Stonehearth with the ACE mod, but for some reason it seems that whenever we are playing multiplayer with the mod and get more than about 30 hearthlings the game crashes. It isn’t immediate, but the more hearthlings we have the faster it crashes. With 35 hearthlings in the game it crashes in about 5 minutes.

Just a side note in case its important, it also seems that the game doesn’t crash for whoever is hosting. We have only tried it with me hosting so far so I can’t confirm, but one of my brothers has a much stronger computer than I do so it would seem that that would be the case. (To clarify: If I host the game, both of my brothers games will crash however I will not). This started off happening to only one of my brothers so I thought maybe its just his computer, but now it happens to both of them. Sometimes at different times, sometimes simultaneously.

Thank you for any help you can give!
Best wishes.



Is that the error they get when they crash?

If so, I’m aware of that, and it used to happen before ACE as well – although it required more effort since there was far less processing/things going on. (ACE does hit performance a bit)

I have a personal suspicion that these multiplayer errors happens when the game loses synch and is unable to recover it. Which explains why it eventually happens, regardless of mods or anything, and particularly on advanced games, games with a lot going on and if using higher game speeds.

Unfortunately we don’t have the levels of access to the game to improve performance on the multiplayer synch and capacity to detect/recover synch losses side of things, but we can try improving performance on our end (the mod itself)
However as good as we can make things, it seems inevitable that this will happen at some point (like I said, it does happen without ACE too) and with the development of the game ceasing, I’m afraid we won’t see much improvement on the engine side.

So… Yeah. We’ll try our best to improve ACE’s performance and overall SH performance if we can, but for this sort of issue I’m afraid that our best hopes are more complex, file-tinkering mods that might arrive in the future and tweak the game on deeper levels - but this sort of thing is usually not exactly legal nor possible to have on the Workshop, etc… :frowning: and it’s up to each individual user to decide if they’ll trust and use things like that :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you for your quick response!

To answer your question though, neither of my brothers got any sort of error code when they crash. It just simply crashes without warning or excuse. I would be happy to recreate it and send you the logs if possible.

Its probably the same issue but I’m letting you know because I simply don’t know and would like as many people to enjoy this mod as possible :grin:. In the end you guys are the experts, and I’m sure you’ll give it your best!

Thanks again!


Yup. Multiplayer desync issues are most likely going to be beyond our control. Someone can probably figure out a way around it but it may not be in a form of a lua based mod. Not without some sort of C or dll patching. At which point, users would need to trust those changes.

If you want a long multiplayer game, I would try to keep the worlds small (smaller than default size) and organize everything you build to be efficient. Possibly even reduce hearthlings limits. Kill off all campaign events as they occur. Play with less mods. Try not to over mine or deforest a large area without giving your hearthlings a chance to haul everything. All this might delay the network send overload.


Done! Many thanks to you for looking at my code, that return error was really stupid.


How are carp or fish obtainable? I’ve only seen them as random loot from monsters.


From the OP:


Thanks, sorry about that, I even searched the page for fish and missed it!


No problem :smiley:
Just too lazy to write it 'cause it’s already quite late for me :stuck_out_tongue: so I just quoted myself :joy:

You’ll be able to obtain fish with fish traps soon, though :merry:


am I dreaming or is there …porcelaine? squeals sooooo cute!


Yeah but getting that amount of feldspar seems impossible for me. I like the idea of providing ornate item set for the potter.


Mining Gold Ore veins drops a decent amount of Feldspar also for me.


Hey! got a bug here with ACE on macOS, it crashes when you try to mine in multiplayer only or even make a farm zone, the game works fine without ACE enabled. Took me a while to figure it was multiplayer only as I was testing in single player derp.

I’m not the mac user so I’ll repeat the crash later today and upload the crash log/thing as soon as I can.

Let me know if I can do anything to help! Thanks