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New ACE Tuesday posted :smiley:

ACE Tuesday #05 "Going on an adventure"

I hope you all enjoy it :slight_smile:

(Noticed Dani didn’t made this post yet, so I’ll do it~)


Forgot this week as well but here it is :smiley:
Main thread updated!


Really amazed to see the progress here.

ACE Tuesday has lived up to the high standards of Desktop Tuesday.
Kudos, guys. Keep it up.


Another one bites the dust!


I’m trying to test the mod, but it said “Invalid Manifest” is there any solution?


thats odd json lint is giving it the green light. did you get the unstable_work version off github? because thats the one you need.


I’m trying the unestable_work version of the mod with both the last release and the unestable version of the game but them said the same


That’s weird. Are you unzipping the folder inside the mods folder of the game?


Yes, I download it, and unzip inside the mod folder in ACE folder


Might I ask a screenshot of your “mods” folder? And maybe of the ACE folder (inside it)?
Just to check if everything is in place :slight_smile:



Found a possible error, i had the ACE folder inside another ACE folder, That’s what happened for sure


I’m not sure if zips can be read as a mod but you can delete the zip just to make sure :3

and try renaming the “stonehearth_ace-unstable-work” folder to just “stonehearth_ace”


Is the ACE mod compatible with other mods or is it prefered to run alone?


Oh, yeah. Folder inside folder definitely nails it :smiley:
But I still recommend you rename it to “stonehearth_ace” only since a lot of the files use pathing to just “stonehearth_ace” :wink:

As for your question, it might have incompatibility with some current mods (although I can’t think of anything too severe). In the future, ideally, mods will be made (or updated) to be compatible with it - not the other way around - we’re trying to make it as “foundation” and open as possible, so not only other mods will be able to build upon it but also use things that come with it like the water signal, wilderness signal, the new equipment, animations, templates, etc. :slight_smile:


Solved, thanks to all.


Awesome :slight_smile:
Hope you’ll enjoy! And remember that the Dwarves are not quite playable yet so if you’re going for a proper playthrough you’ll have to skip them for now :forlorn:


dropbox link is still active and uptodate :wink: Dropbox - stonehearth_ace.smod


water signal, wilderness signal.
what are those?

sound interesting


Some of which was discussed/shown on some of the ACE Tuesdays (go up the OP for links :slight_smile: ) but they’re basically more/new uses for water - among the new uses what Paul called a signal which is basically new water tools that allow entities to “detect” water and react to it; in our case this is being used to make crops grow faster when close to water, be stunted if covered on water (flooded) and even activate certain water powered tools (like water mills)
Wilderness is a measurement similar to Appeal that will influence Trapping Zones. So now when you place a trapping zone you can see how “Wild” its area is (more nature, less building/artificial things) and the more wild a zone is, the more efficient (more animals) it will be.

Basically that, Paul could probably explain them more nicely as the guy responsible for the complex implementation of such systems :3