ACE - Authorized Community Expansion Project


Here I talk about wilderness. Here I talk about water signals.


This is amazing progress. I can’t wait to see all this in action.

On the technical side, which language and how did you implement a heatmap?

Is it there a libraey function to build on? Or you wrote from scratch?


I adapted the base game appeal heatmap into a generic service that can load up other modders’ heatmaps that are created in the defined way primarily in Lua. It’s probably my most-commented code for ACE, so hopefully other modders find it simple to set up their own heatmaps. It’s in services/client/heatmap.


@DaniAngione forgot to say it here again, not that we blame him… too much…

But another Ace Tuesday has been released!


I did remember to update the OP this time tho!


I know there’s tons on the ACE plate right now, but with the release of the Kickstarter backer pets I’ve struggled to keep them alive. Perhaps a future project could be to have a pet roster UI so players can check on their status or a ‘next pet’ button. They tend to be a bit fragile at the moment. A notification when they die (other than a sad face morale on their Hearthling) would also be an improvement.


well even if it doesnt go into ace, it can always be done as a mod project.
i could make you a “critters are food not friends” prety easilly though, to minimise your problem XD


Nooo! I love them all! :open_mouth:


… With ketchup :smiley:


Honestly I think there’s a huge niche, or rather gaping hole, for a “more interesting pets mod”… er… mod. While Team ACE certainly has the ability for that, I don’t think it fits into the “horizontal” plan of ACE; rather it would be a “vertical” mod which can easily stand alone.

Where ACE could come in, though, would be adding some new hooks for pet behaviours (e.g. patrolling territory, hunting critters to eat/for the town to eat, initiating conversations with other pets, giving buffs as part of conversation routines, allowing pets to pick up/carry and drop items…) and then someone could use those expanded behaviours to make a mod which gives pets an expanded role. By adding only a (comparative) handful of new pat actions/interactions, they could open the door for a mod which effectively makes pets into fully fledged (or furred, or scaled) members of the town.


Better pet (and animals overall) behaviour is indeed in ACE’s goals.

We’ve already improved some stuffs with shepherd animals being able to graze grass, for example. Other improvements related to pet feeding, seeking shelter during bad weather and such are probably going to get added too.


Greetings all!

For a special secret reason this week, the ACE Tuesday will be released on Friday :merry:

The reason is good, however! So please do not despair and stay safe! :heart:


You little tease. :wink:



Sorry, everyone. This week has been a bit rough - as usual :forlorn: - the little “tease” for today was a playable/somewhat stable Steam Workshop “Alpha version” of ACE featuring a lot except the dwarves that are not very enjoyable yet - but also featuring a lot of the new “combat enhancement changes” like the new weapon and armor progression and such.

Unfortunately life literally got a lot in the way this time, (including the passing of an online friend :frowning: ), and such surprise is not ready yet.

I was doing most of the back work “in secret” but I’ll see if I can gather some extra support this weekend now that the little secret is revealed :stuck_out_tongue: and see if we can get it up for the next ACE Tuesday!

Sorry again
Stay safe and have a nice weekend :heart:
mea culpa


Greetings DaniAngione

You can add a direct download link from alpha
since there are many in the stonehearth community
they do not have a steam account
so they can not enjoy the alpha


I offer myself as a translator of mods to Spanish


Really sorry for your loss and to hear you’re under so much pressure.

While it sucks to miss a deadline, none of us here are mad at you – life happens, and development is a long-haul proccess. (I was going to say “it’s a marathon not a sprint”, but the sprint model is far more popular as a development style these days hahaha.)

Stay safe, and try to have a nice weekend too :heart: We’ll keep an eye out, and when the update is ready I’m sure we’ll be blown away by it… but in the meantime, it takes how long it takes.


Mmmn sir? How to install this mod?


its not done yet, but the work in progress one can be found on github and installed manually. its not pollished and nice yet though


How to install manually? I’ve already download it a few days ago but making it a .smod file is not helping since the game won’t detect it.