ACE - Authorized Community Expansion Project


Question - where are you putting it?


Thanks so you just need to extract it.


As a test, it looks like you can re-zip it and change it to an smod, but I’ll admit that I didn’t try changing the original download to one :slight_smile:

(Mostly because I grabbed it to play around with some designs for the dwarves :wink: )

Main point was, to be sure to put it in the mods folder in your Stoneheart directory, not Steam’s workshop folder.


Its been awhile since there has been news on the ACE project. I hope you are doing well Dani, and team!


Hey! Does ACE have an approximation for when it will be released on steam workshop? Also, I miss ACE Tuesdays :forlorn:


We want to release it with the Patch 1.1 :wink: And yes the team doing well and paul the great still shows his magic :smiley:



i don’t know if this is actually POSSIBLE. But seeing as you’ve added so much possible functionality to the game with this amazing project like water allowing crops to grow faster, seeing where ores are, etc, Maybe it’s possible?

Could it be possible to have a buildable watercatcher? something to build up a man made pool of water from the rain? is that POSSIBLE? I’m currently playing with sky lands making water basically non-existent without the use of a Wetstone. Granted i can create wells, but that doesn’t add much functionality to farming and stuff like that. i would find it so super cool if one could harvest the rain like that.


Yes, it is.
It’s actually kinda planned (cisterns) alongside the water as necessity/crafting mechanic and drinks. Although I don’t want to talk much about that before we actually confirm we can get there (even if after release)

But yes, it is a possibility. Look forward to it! :smiley:


just to let you know, with this mod installed i can’t craft an engineer wrench, like at all. I put it in the crafting queue on it’s own with nothing else to make, it says that the blacksmith is making it, but when i go to the blacksmith he’s just sitting around doing nothing. I think the new blacksmith crafting stations are causing issues with the engineer and because of that i also can’t craft doors with locks on them :frowning:


just tested my blacksmith produce the engineer talisman without any issues - i have only seen that the icons for the new defender lvls dont show (but thats from the normal game)


Are you using any other mods? If so, could I know which ones? :smiley:

I’ve checked here and it seems to work fine as well…


1542569766813.rar (4.3 MB)

This is my current save file. I’m using Sky Lands as i said with a ton of other mods to boot. Something you might want to look into maybe there’s a conflict with the blacksmith and it’s recipes involving the engineer.


I was testing the ACE mod I just downloaded it from the GitHub today and there seems to be a bug involving auto harvest mod. it doesn’t work. where is the proper place to submit bugs with the ACE project?


ACE has its own version of Auto Harvest, deactivate the standalone mod if you use ACE :slight_smile:


already did. it does work if I have the stand alone mod with ace but I have to click it twice. but ACE by itself the auto harvest doesn’t work
I can click the thing but it never gets harvested nor does the thing appear above it indicateing that its ready to be harvested.


Can you describe more specifically how you’re interacting with the Auto Harvest feature?

The ACE Auto Harvest behaves differently than the standalone mod in that it does not issue a harvest command (nor cancel an existing command) when you merely change the Auto Harvest setting for a given entity: it will only issue a harvest command for entities that are set to be auto-harvested at the time that their renewable resource node refreshes.

Also, since it is a player-based setting, it will only apply to entities owned by you: if you can see the auto harvest setting command on the selected entity, it should work for that entity. There are all sorts of issues that come up with arbitrarily applying ownership to entities and automatically enabling auto harvesting of them, particularly if they’re located significantly far away from your base, and it also wouldn’t make sense to try to issue harvest commands for multiple players on the same neutral entity. If you want to “claim” a neutral renewable entity like a berry bush, you can instruct your hearthlings to move it.

ACE Auto Harvest also differs from the standalone mod in that it applies to all renewable resource nodes and doesn’t require mods to manually specify them for inclusion. This includes animals you own, like sheep and poyos! Overwhelmed with eggs or wool? Simply turn off auto-harvest on some/all of those animals and they’ll stop producing those resources.

If you’re still having trouble with it, please describe your problem more specifically so I can look into it.

Edit: In order to maintain similar player experience with the base game and inconvenience the player as little as possible, there’s a “default auto-harvest” setting that defaults to off, and regardless of what you have this setting set to, animals will continue to “auto-harvest” unless explicitly instructed not to (and you can only instruct your own animals not to; wild animal behavior should be identical to the base game).


notice auto harvest is on but its not being harvested.
usually there is a thing above it when it is ready to be harvested
the other bushes in the background were harvested manually



also when I reload the game the auto harvest wasn’t enabled anymore.
so possibly the button is broken?


There’s also this setting in Gameplay Settings:

I’ll investigate this as it doesn’t seem to be working the way I expect (though in my case, it’s auto-harvesting even the entities that I instructed to not get auto-harvested). I suspect the setting is refusing to properly change from its default (the gameplay setting above) when it was first harvested (the zone-based enable and disable in the harvest tool menu also aren’t working). Thanks for the report.