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I checked that box and all the bushes are all set to auto harvest but still not being harvested.
But they do start being auto harvested after manually doing it once. is that intentional?


I believe I answered this in my previous explanation, unless you’re describing a different set of circumstances:


I was talking about the berry bushes were ready to be harvested (the renewable resource node refreshed) and it was set to auto harvest but they where not being harvested. The only way I could get them to start auto harvesting was to first manually harvest them. image
Then after that it was working just fine.

I know how berry bushes and the auto harvest mod works.


Perhaps I’m misunderstanding what you’re saying. Merely setting them to be auto-harvested will not also immediately instruct them to be harvested, just like setting them to not be auto-harvested won’t immediately cancel active harvesting instructions on them. It just changes how the plant will behave when the renewable resource refreshes in the future. So once you harvest them, then they should start getting auto-harvested when they next renew. It sounds like that’s what happened?


this is the part I was confused about because that’s not how the original mod worked.


is there a list of mods that have been integrated with this mod?
because I also found that smart crafter/auto crafter was in there too and it was causing some small issues having the original smart craftier enabled at the same time as this one.


ok tried with mountain folk - enabled and tried to harvest silk- this error occurs

release-909 (x64)[M]

c++ exception: invalid file path ‘’.

stack traceback: [C]: in function ‘load_json’ radiant/modules/resources.lua:40: in function ‘load_json’ …nehearth/services/server/job/job_info_controller.lua:79: in function ‘activate’ radiant/modules/commons.lua:303: in function ‘create_controller’ …earth/services/server/job/player_jobs_controller.lua:55: in function ‘_ensure_job_id’ …earth/services/server/job/player_jobs_controller.lua:84: in function <…earth/services/server/job/player_jobs_controller.lua:82> (tail call): ? …nlock_stuff/arcs/trigger/encounters/unlock_stuff.lua:6: in function ‘start’ …e_master/controllers/encounters/script_encounter.lua:18: in function ‘start’ …ervices/server/game_master/controllers/encounter.lua:128: in function ‘start’ …arth/services/server/game_master/controllers/arc.lua:407: in function ‘_start_encounter’ … radiant/controllers/time_tracker_controller.lua:91: in function <radiant/controllers/time_tracker_controller.lua:91> [C]: in function ‘xpcall’ radiant/modules/commons.lua:67: in function ‘xpcall’ radiant/controllers/time_tracker_controller.lua:91: in function ‘set_now’ …hearth/services/server/calendar/calendar_service.lua:538: in function ‘_on_event_loop’ …hearth/services/server/calendar/calendar_service.lua:58: in function <…hearth/services/server/calendar/calendar_service.lua:57> [C]: ? [C]: in function ‘trigger’ radiant/modules/events.lua:63: in function ‘_update’ radiant/server.lua:66: in function <radiant/server.lua:63>

edit: will test it again with different folks
ascendancy no error
mountain folk same error

ok this error only happens with the dwarfs ähhh mountain folk ^^


SmartCrafter and Tree Stump, and we did our own implementation of Box Select, Auto Harvest, and Patrol Points, and there was talk of getting Rivers integrated.


I honestly think that it should not add any other mod that is already in the workshop as a standalone. It causes too many problems, and being a mod pack is not what people expected at first. They want to get cut out features, and not knowing what they are getting with it is a bad experience overall. The mods can not be fully integrated and will always have to be offered as standalone because ace is not activated by default. Even all the api that are being included in it can’t be used by other mods as there is no guarantee the player will have the mod activated at the time.


While I appreciate all the quality of life features being added, will there be some form of popup warning about conflicting mods? Is this going to affect the potential for ACE to be officially endorsed?

As @Kodi4444 mentioned a list of included mods would be helpful. :slight_smile:


With the new “dependencies” flagging added, I think we could make ACE detect if any of those mods (standalones) are active and warn the user about that.

I think it is also worthy to mention that all mods that were added had permission and are somewhat changed or optimized (or going to be optimized) in relation to their original, standalone versions, like optimizations and fixes to smartcrafter memory leaks; additional functions to autoharvest (like being able to “stop” auto harvesting wool from sheep and having it work on a per-user setting on multiplayer), etc.

As for a list, read @paulthegreat’s post above - that is pretty much it: SmartCrafter, AutoHarvest, Box Select, Patrol Points, Tree Stump. Rivers were not integrated and remain standalone.

The only ones that could potentially cause conflicts are AutoHarvest and Smartcrafter though, since our Box Select is a different (original) version (so you’d basically have two tools instead of issues) and Patrol Points the same (although ours isn’t even implemented, but it will probably going to work like RTS games with “invisible orders” rather than crafted banners like the standalone mod.


Okay, whew worries allayed. Keep up the great work!!


When switching between Male and Female dwarves on the embarkation screen, the traits are changing or getting deleted.


Yep, the current uploaded version of dwarves are highly unplayable;
They’re basically being entirely reworked indev atm :smiley:

Even if you get in the game, their main crafters are not working and they have no initial furniture set :smiley:


Okay lol, I saw the smod up above and decided I’d take a peek to see what was goin on.

Bless you for adding a noseless option for the dwarves. I really tried to get on board but they just look like they’re from a different game with the noses, just kills my Stonehearth vibe.


from what I understand so far from you talking about what’s included in the mod thus far and going to be, this is basically the Banished MegaMOD of Stonehearth lol.


Guys, what happens with your new AutoHarvest if I dig a tunnel under autoharvested berry bush? I’ve read the new code and I don’t think it is prepared for such a tragedy. I like how you reduced the number of listeners but some of them were crucial to avoid such problems (unless something about the task tracker changed and it now cancels all tasks when an object goes iconic, it wasn’t the case when I wrote my code but it was many releases ago).


Since it doesn’t do any task tracking at all (if you turn off auto-harvesting, it doesn’t attempt to cancel existing harvesting orders), any problems that would be experienced would presumably be experienced just the same regardless of whether the mod was in use. What happens in the base game when a player instructs a berry bush to be harvested and digs a tunnel under it? What about the Auto-Harvest would make that situation materially different? I can certainly investigate, but I’m not really sure what I’m investigating at this point.


perhaps an discord voice over would help :slight_smile:


hey so i just started a new game with all of the mods i usually use with the exception of a few minor ones and included ACE in this time.

after my 3rd Hearthling joined my village i get this message while promoting a hearthling.

release-908 (x64)[M]
…ace/monkey_patches/ace_equipment_piece_component.lua:80: attempt to index a nil value
stack traceback:
…ace/monkey_patches/ace_equipment_piece_component.lua:80: in function ‘_get_conditional_value’
…ace/monkey_patches/ace_equipment_piece_component.lua:60: in function ‘get_value’
…ace/monkey_patches/ace_equipment_piece_component.lua:38: in function ‘is_upgrade_for’
…/upgrade_equipment/find_equipment_upgrade_action.lua:75: in function ‘_check_equipment_piece’
…/upgrade_equipment/find_equipment_upgrade_action.lua:34: in function ‘_check_all_tracker_equipment’
…monkey_patches/ace_find_equipment_upgrade_action.lua:12: in function <…monkey_patches/ace_find_equipment_upgrade_action.lua:4>
[C]: ?
[C]: in function ‘run’
stonehearth/components/ai/ai_component.lua:541: in function <stonehearth/components/ai/ai_component.lua:525>
[C]: in function ‘xpcall’
radiant/modules/commons.lua:67: in function ‘xpcall’
stonehearth/components/ai/ai_component.lua:525: in function <stonehearth/components/ai/ai_component.lua:521>
[C]: ?
[C]: ?
1542779099023.rar (2.4 MB)

I included my game save, it’s extremely early game for this kinda thing to be happening.