ACE - Authorized Community Expansion Project


heyho in which class you wanted to promote him? and which race do you have used? the mountain folk?


Woh, why didn’t I heard about this project before the 1.1 official post ? Seems really cool. Let me know if you want help with stockpiles ^^


@Mandar its time to rise! Join us on discord :wink:


join us on discord :wink:


This is looking really amazing, and I must praise you - everyone involved in this project - for putting it into action!
For various reasons, I have remained in the shadows of this community for ages; however, I will keep coming back to this thread just to keep an eye on the progress of this project.

If my future path takes me back toward Stonehearth, and positions for help are still open, I’d gladly help where possible (coding and modeling, most likely).
Until then, I can say nothing other than that I wish all the contributors and users the very best of luck and an amazing experience!

Ps. Once again, amazing work putting all of this into action! :tada:


With 1.1 out, all I’m waiting for before my next playthrough is ACE!


You know, Max, I bet they’d let you join the ACE team if you wanted to. :merry: