ACE - Authorized Community Expansion Project


heyho in which class you wanted to promote him? and which race do you have used? the mountain folk?


Woh, why didn’t I heard about this project before the 1.1 official post ? Seems really cool. Let me know if you want help with stockpiles ^^


@Mandar its time to rise! Join us on discord :wink:


join us on discord :wink:


This is looking really amazing, and I must praise you - everyone involved in this project - for putting it into action!
For various reasons, I have remained in the shadows of this community for ages; however, I will keep coming back to this thread just to keep an eye on the progress of this project.

If my future path takes me back toward Stonehearth, and positions for help are still open, I’d gladly help where possible (coding and modeling, most likely).
Until then, I can say nothing other than that I wish all the contributors and users the very best of luck and an amazing experience!

Ps. Once again, amazing work putting all of this into action! :tada:


With 1.1 out, all I’m waiting for before my next playthrough is ACE!


You know, Max, I bet they’d let you join the ACE team if you wanted to. :merry:


I’ve really enjoyed this mod, but I was curious if there was a stable release or a plan to put this up on the Steam Workshop?


no, and yes when its done(enough)


ACE Pre-release 0.9 “The Dwarves are Coming… Soon” is now out :merry:

Official thread:

Will also update the main thread!
Have fun and enjoy your holidays, everyone! :heart:


Been enjoying my playthrough with ACE quite a bit so far, but there is one thing from the vanilla game that is bugging me and was wondering if ACE would at some point going to try to address it: Enemies constantly spawning in inaccessible locations. I’m currently in the middle of the goblin campaign on hard, there are six goblin camps around my town, but not a single one can ever reach me unless I go out of my way to make ladders (I don’t even have walls, this is just natural spawning on cliffs). It’s only occasionally that enemies spawn in a place where they can attack my town (it’s built along a river near a cliff).

I searched through the other threads and the trello, but I think the only mention was that the Highlands would have vines spawning that would act as ladders, and I’m wondering if there is a plan to have more similar naturally spawned objects to allow enemies to traverse impassable terrain (ie rocky handholds, collapsed logs, etc…). I think it’s fine to be able to wall yourself off with player constructed structures, but right now most of my games have enemies spawning on top of cliffs and never reaching my town until I build a ladder and then it’s a conga line of people rushing to the one ladder. It’s also a bit of a weird feeling having to help my enemies try to murder me.
It would be nice if at least one class of enemies could build ladders on their own, but I suppose that would require special AI things that we don’t have (considering hearthlings can build scaffolding but then still occasionally get stuck mining or on top of walls).

And props to everyone involved, this is a great release!
It’s been a lot of fun poking around all the new stuff and adapting to it. I had a bit where most of my town was mysteriously depressed until eventually I realized one of my stockpiles sitting near the banner had filled up with bones and everyone was constantly going through this gigantic pile of death horror on the way to their jobs or relaxing around the firepit.
Haven’t got a blacksmith yet but I’m looking forward to seeing how that’s turned out.


I’ve just found feldspar and discovered we need it with ball clay and bone material to make porcelain. This means we have an official Haven and Hearth mod now, congrats Dani!


So this mod looks fantastic. Is there someplace with documentation to explain some of the features that I have managed to miss seeing?


Hey @Jeanette_Thompson, you can have a small overview (that will be improved in the future) on this other thread:


Wow, Imagine how humiliating it will be once a collective of modders do a better job at a shorter time frame with no money than the “developers”…


This is a very mean thing to say, to be honest :merry:

We’re talking about two entirely and completely different things here, developing a game (and a game engine) from scratch and developing a mod for said game.

The people behind Stonehearth worked really hard for years and years to create all the foundation and the base for a game that would, one day, accept mods and be a platform that is rather easy and fun to work with. There is a huge and very complex amount of things they worked under the hood to create a game that allows us to, nowadays, create something new in very little time.

Added to that, they gave us a lot of support, they worked “alongside” us to implement last minute changes and decisions that if anything only made our lives easier.

The decisions and whatever happened behind the unfortunate and sad “ending” of Project Stonehearth are not really their entire responsibility but decisions made by other people somewhere else that were not engaged on the project as we all are.

Mistakes were made? Things could have been different here or there? Yeah, maybe. Nothing nor no one is perfect :merry: but I’m damn sure they did the best and worked as hard as they could in their context, reality and the moment that was given allowed them to.

And if today we’re able to create and improve upon their work with something like ACE, it’s not only because of our own hard work, dedication and commitment but also because they’ve made something that allows us to do so and something that we love so much that we want to improve upon :merry:

So try to be a bit more compassionate when you think of that :slight_smile: Nothing will be humiliating and it is a completely different thing - what they did and what we are doing. Our job is arguably much easier and less pressed and I’m sure that for them it is very joyful and nice to see people dedicating themselves so much to go on and work upon that project that was so dear to them :slight_smile:

If we ever achieve great things, I sense that their feelings towards us will be of pride and ours towards them of honor. And everyone will be happy :jubilant::sparkles:
There is no place for humiliation in this project ^^

Other than that, I’m glad you seem to be really enjoying it!


Well said Dani!!!


To be fair, ACE is going for more than 6 months already, and with more members than Radiant and with the game well more developed and with more tools, and yet, dwarfs are not finished. While Radiant made the Northern Alliance in what? 2 months? With less members, a buggier game, and with less tools, that they were creating along as needed.


But also with, on average, significantly more relevant experience, better access to game internals, and significantly more time spent per person. Also, the primary things holding back dwarves at the moment are the added classes, of which NA has none.


To be really fair, this comparison also makes no sense :jubilant:

Team size is a relative thing, especially with how things developed over time in ACE - and also because regardless of the size, work hours between voluntary modding work and professional work are two very different things.

Added to that, there is all the different things and new things dwarves required opposed to NA, not only new classes and such but other things. And finally there is also the fact that ACE has not been working only in dwarves but several other things were done/are being done as well.

Anyway, it’s kind of a pointless comparison and subject :stuck_out_tongue: