ACE - Authorized Community Expansion Project


Does anyone know if ACE conflicts with the Fisher Job + Archipelago Biome mod? I was looking to install it but if it doesn’t work with ACE then I’d rather not. (ACE is my favorite thing in this game xD).


@TheCakeMachine im not sure, i suspect its ok but that depends on what kind of wizardry @BrunoSupremo used to make it. bruno, is it compatable out of the box or does it need twiddling?


its compatible :wink:


It is compatible, yes. And we’ve been sort of trying to make it compatible on our end too (our implementation of fish is compatible due to material tags and we’re not going to add a fisherman or something like that :slight_smile: )


Cool, thank you and also thank you to @Wiese2007 and @Wouter_Sikkema. <3


Not sure if this has been brought up already but ACE doesn’t seem to be compatible with Autoharvest - not a huge deal but a bummer as I love not having to micro-manage harvesting - I’m not sure if it’s just the Highlands biome though

Today is my first foray into ACE - I’m excited!


ACE has its own autoharvest which works differently, you have to go to settings and find a checkbox. It will make all renewable resources you own autoharvested, there’s no option to select specific entities. I’m working on making my version compatible with ACE.


Ok thanks for the info! I’ll see what I can find


Just thank you, vielen Dank, merci beaucoup for this mod, expansion, total overhaul? can’t even name it, it’s too huge. I totally enjoy this!


Been playing this almost non-stop since ACE dropped on Steam and gotta say, expands my Stonehearth enjoyment a great bit. One thing that does confuse me though are the new Engineering parts, tried playing with the water gates but not sure if I was using it right? Tried putting one of 6-way gates at a juncture for my irrigation system to see if it would cut water going to the other fields but didn’t seem to do anything when I clicked the red 0 or green 1.


Water that already flowed into channels (like a pre-existing irrigation system) won’t be affected by a water gate since it is already there - it will prevent new water from flowing but you have to empty the current water to see it working or make a route for it to return to its water body :smiley:


Just so I understand, I would dig a slot for the watergate first, then place it, close it, then dig the channel behind it? Then once open it would send the water through? Might have to wait till I get my Geomancer then to suck up the water with a heat stone to fix my irrigation system, but sounds good. Hope there will be a little tut/guide for these new engineering pieces. Thanks for reply.


Just a little question, why would you want to remove the water?
(beyond because I can)


Exactly :slight_smile:

Personally, my favorite use for them are waterfalls. With water gates and pumps you can make waterfalls without Wet and Dry stones :merry: and that could be extended to an irrigation system that is constantly flowing, for example - but once winter arrives the pumps remove the water and the gates closing, leaving the farm area dry :smiley:

There’s tons of things you can think of, in fact.
I just had this idea of a corridor (the only entrance to the base) surrounded by turrets. When enemies approach, you open a large flood gate and fill the corridor with water from a reservoir. That will make enemies slow down and take more time to cross the corridor, taking damage from the turrets. Once enemies are cleared, the gate is closed and pumps take the water back to the reservoir :jubilant:


“bath house”


Wouter, you gotta decide if you want to be viking or roman, man :joy:


if i had more time i would have already made romelings too XD (gf still has unfinished greeklings, that could make an excelent base for continuation by a modder too )


Love ACE, particularly what you did with fuel and the cook. The integration of so many varied ingredients and the new big game trapper feature are top notch. :smile: Is the team considering further expansion or integration of other cooking mods? I was thinking along the lines of Froggy’s Stonehearth Cafe’s (which apparently stopped being developed) features (e.g. drinks, thirst and dairy products.)


@gonzalandau Thank you!


Hello I like the ACE mod for the game :slight_smile: I want to translate into french version !