[Announcement] [April Fool's] World of Stonehearth

Greetings, fellow hearthlings!

Today we have a special announcement :jubilant: We’re really happy to finally break the silence and introduce you to the next great chapter of Stonehearth history…

As some of you from our ACE Discord Server already know, we are ceasing development of the ACE mod… But that was not out of nowhere! We’ve been working hard on something new, and it’s finally time to bring it to the light…

We present you…

Right! :merry:

Now, if you ever found yourself wondering if the world of Stonehearth would be a great setting for a Massively Multiplayer Online RPG, then your dreams will now become a reality!

And if you never did, well… We’re sure you’ll be in love nonetheless because we have a lot of juicy and awesome features to reveal and talk about!

World of Stonehearth is set in the same time period of the city building game, and will feature two playable factions: The Great Alliance, which includes The Ascendancy, Rayya’s Children and Northern Alliance and The Scary Horde, which includes the Undead, the Goblins and the Red Kiln!

The game features a vast and mysterious world, full of quests and towns and adventures waiting on every corner!

We believe images are a lot more powerful than words, so for this first announcement we’ll just summarize the game and SHOW YOU what to expect!

All these screenshots are real images taken from the game during our Alpha tests that have been happening in the past few months with select community members.

Inspired by the greatest MMORPGs of our time, you can expect to find everything you love from these games in our beloved and cute Stonehearth universe, with original Stonehearth graphics and visuals! (ACE mod included - no vanilla version is planned. Sorry)

Towns will be the place to go for trading and crafting, getting new quests and meeting awesome people!

(Please note that the game requires you to own Stonehearth and have it installed)

Form guilds with your best buddies to find treasures together, or join random strangers in amazing dungeon runs, facing the most dreaded enemies for the greatest rewards! Remember, when doing dungeons or raids, teamplay is key!

And why collect legendary equipment for yourself, you wonder? Well, other than building your own house and living in luxury - or just showing off around the streets of Hailgale, its best use is to show superiority in the fields of battle!

For the Great Alliance! For the Scary Horde!!

We hope you’re all as excited with this annoucement as we’ve secretly been excited in the past few months!
To all the players that were expecting further updates for the ACE mod, support or fixes for the existing bugs, we are truly, truly sorry. As a form of compensation we’ll be giving you 1000 Light Shards, the special currency you’ll be able to use in WoSH to buy cosmetics, mounts, etc…
You’ll also have free access to the first expansion when it comes out - The Highlands - featuring Dwarves as a new playable race for the Great Alliance and giant insects for the Scary Horde.

Thank you very much for the continuous support and inspiration…
And we’ll see each other in the Hearthlands! :jubilant:

Stay tuned in the coming weeks for more details and our first gameplay trailer!


It’s been a blast helping with the development of WoSH these last few months. Here’s to many more!


How does the class system work? Do you choose a class to start with and you are stuck with it? or do you get to pick them all up eventually?

Oh and crafters! Can you be all the crafters or do you have to choose between crafter and combatant?


rickroll: allow me to introduce myself

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Like Mount & Blade, when we’re walking around and fighting like we want. And now we’re going to do it at Stonehearth with the same graphics and world players.
I hope they don’t steal what I take. :joy:

And have the dwarves come for Ace mode? (I haven’t been in the game in a while)

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LoL Danitester picture :rofl:
And now counting pitchforks coming in three , two , one …

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that halls of angst tho

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It’s not April Fool’s anymore, so I’ve added an April Fool’s tag to the title of this thread just so no one finds it by accident and is filled by hope :jubilant:


I don’t like this day. :angry:


I still laugh to this :jubilant:


I’m still angry that I’ve been duped😠

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I was still so filled with some hope after seeing the tag…

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