ACE - Authorized Community Expansion Project


Its free to join xD The link is in the first Thread und Contact


About yesterday’s ACE Tuesday

Hey everyone!
I’m terribly sorry about yesterday’s video. Although it exists, it wasn’t finished in time due to a couple of rough days and tight schedules recently. We considered having an ACE Tuednesday or Thursday just for fun :jubilant: but I suppose it will just be “postponed” for next week instead.

Sorry about failing this week :forlorn: but as soon as other content creators have more time and start being available as well, we’ll definitely make sure to not miss another tuesday :merry:

As always, thank you all for following the project and being so supportive and hope you all have an amazing end of the week! :merry:



And I’m sure it’s fine Dani, don’t stress it :wink:


How dare you be on vacation!


He’s snorlax, I’m sure he’s just asleep.


Uhm taking a break, aka Dani sending me away so I don’t ruin more.



I think your Trapper+ Mod made up for it quite well. :slight_smile:
Any hint on what the video is about?


It’s about ACE


Vague but most likely true. Perfect! :smile:


I actually can :joy:

It’s about the Dwarven society and what will be the major differences when playing with them (in terms of jobs and town progression)


Team StoneHearth missed Tuesdays, can’t see why you shouldn’t.



This looks absolutely amazing! I sadly am not savey enough to be of any real help. Aside from testing/playing and suggesting :(. There is so much this game could tackle, I’m intrigued with how far we can go with the RPG element. More classes, lvls, Gear etc.

So is ACE the only real expansions we will see moving forward? And is this the best place to stay in contact with you and the team?

I’ve been following StoneHearth for years now. Excited to see some of these Idea’s come to past.




The best place would be our discord! :slight_smile:


Thank you very much for the kind words. :merry:
All help is appreciated! Especially testing! With all the stuff we’re messing with, we’ll definitely need a lot of testing! So don’t feel bad about it!

As Snorr said, best place to go would be our Discord! You can find the link up there on the main thread!

For now, I suppose it is. ACE has a very specific purpose of being “embraced” and “endorsed” by Team Radiant itself as a community-driven second half of the game, out of gratitude for their amazing work and for ourselves as players that wish for an even better and richer experience. For that reason, ACE’s scope and goals as an expansion are very specific.

This obviously doesn’t mean that after ACE is “finished”, we can’t do something else! The team is gathered and eager already, anyway - so it is highly possible that new projects and expansions will come out of it over time! They won’t be exactly like ACE, however, being more like unofficial expansions but made by the same (or mostly the same) people :jubilant:


Even if Team Radiant only embrace and endorse ACE as high quality before they move on, it gives ACE a good position to recommend future mods of high quality as well. If Radiant puts something into the game that recommends ACE then ACE could get small updates over time to add it’s own recommendations in a similar way.


And anyone willing and able to learn a trick or two, or anyone unwilling but able that @SnorrLaxZ can press gang :stuck_out_tongue:


I might or might not be talking exactly about that with important people right now :jubilant:

But good call :merry:


New ACE Tuesday posted :slight_smile:

ACE Tuesday #04 "Concerning Dwarves"

Sorry for any issues and I hope you’ll enjoy it! :merry:


Just want to say i love this i love that the Stonehearth community is able to add more amazing stuff to it and ACE is a prime example of what a awesome community can do to a game that is open source


Hear hear. Totally amazing. Especially for people like me who love to play but lack the imaginaton or skills. You guys have made this game. Long may it last.