ACE - Authorized Community Expansion Project


Hmmm interesting… Will take a look :smiley:

Are you using the latest (github) version of ACE or the Workshop one? Because we’ve fixed a similar issue recently but the error still exists in the Workshop version


Latest github, downloaded it yesterday!


Ooooh wait - then you might have found the same issue I did :smiley:

Paul fixed it already, so if you get latest again it should be fine :slight_smile:

Also, if possible, keep reports from latest in the discord as we usually assume reports here in Discourse are from people playing the release (Workshop) version :slight_smile: I mean, reports are always good of course, but that makes it a bit easier :smiley:
Or at least mention that you’re using Latest :jubilant:


It was actually a different error, but I just fixed it. Thanks for the report.


thank you, this should help


Tested with a 10 mods with this mods, it give me a blank screen. And the log file keep give this message
2019-01-15 11:39:19.786060 | server | 1 | simulation.remote_client | stopped buffering client updates. (seq:142 ack:142)
2019-01-15 11:39:19.837029 | server | 1 | simulation.remote_client | started buffering client updates. (seq:229 ack:142)
2019-01-15 11:39:19.939978 | server | 1 | simulation.remote_client | stopped buffering client updates. (seq:229 ack:229)

again and again for almost 2 hours, nothing display on the screen just blank screen…

But only with 5 mods, the game will run fine.

I test without this mod with the others mods it works fine.

Is there something that I miss out.


Hello everyone,

First, a big thank you for ACE team and the discord invitation, I am rather discreet in a general way, but I am happy to be able to announce that I made a small French translation for ACE. This is the very first draft, not necessarily always well translated, so there is probably room for improvement.

The link : startermod_locale_fr/translations/ace at master · FrenchTranslationTeam/startermod_locale_fr · GitHub

You can off course freely use it

Thanks ^^


ACE is what is making trees have stumps now right? How does it determine what type of tree stump to place? I have custom trees in my biome that produce fruit and oak logs. When I chop them down a Juniper stump gets left behind. Not a huge deal, but sort of mismatching, and I end up with Juniper logs out of nowhere(not that wood types play a current role)

My question mainly would be, can I add something in my files that would make them be oak stumps? @DaniAngione


I’m not dani but yes. Check out stonehearth_ace/entities/trees at unstable-work · StonehearthACE-team/stonehearth_ace · GitHub and what it adds to the trees


thanks! I was able to fix them using that info :wink: now they look cool when chopped down.


Where can we see planned content and or roadmaps for this mod?
Just curious if there was a way we could stay in tune with development of the mod.



Hey! :merry:
You can absolutely join us on our Discord server! You can also follow the link to our Trello, where a lot of the planned features are written down!


Just wanted to pop in to say how incredibly proud/happy/grateful I am as a dev, and to say how much I’ve been enjoying ACE as a player. :slight_smile: <3 <3 <3


This is so nice to read :heart: :jubilant:
Thank you very much!
And feel free to always report any issues or suggestions :merry:


I’m used to having 2 cooks to split the work of my cooking to make things quicker. Most of the time I’d queue up like 10 of one food item and 10 of a different item. One cook would start making the first 10 items while the 2nd cook would start of the other 10.

So, I’ve noticed when playing with ACE that the 2 cooks will simply share the first order then move into the next. This kind of defeats the purpose of having a second cook to craft the next set of items so that I have them both essentially at the same time.

This is the case for any crafter really, if you have a 2nd one they’ll share the first order then move on.

Was this done on purpose with the Smart Crafter you incorporated into ACE? or why is this happening now? If it’s something I must deal with I can understand, just a little sad I lost my old way of using the crafting system.

For example, 2 cooks splitting the orders(they are both fruit bowls for testing, they could have been different for my argument sry)

with ACE they now share the order.


Yes, this is an intentional improvement over the base game where craft orders could only be crafted by a single crafter at a time. In your example, if you had a third cook, they’d just be sitting around doing nothing with the base game logic. Or if you only had a single order of 10 items yet to be crafted, only one cook would be able to work on it.


And he could ofc do 5 of a 5 of b then 5 of a 5 of b again., to even out the production


In practice, cook orders are generally made as “maintain” rather than “make,” so after the initial catching up, you’ll generally only be crafting 1 or 2 of a particular recipe at a time. Either way, the total time spent crafting all the orders will be less than or equal to the total time in the base game.

Another thing you can do, if you are trying to prioritize end products over intermediate products (e.g., you want to make bread as you’re making flour instead of making all the flour first), just have the end products higher in the queue than the intermediate products. This order… er… ordering… is made even simpler in ACE (particularly in the current unstable version) with the ability to insert orders at the top of the queue.


Thanks for the speedy reply. Makes more sense now that you explain it further.


Whatever you do with dwarves, please make female dwarves available! <3