ACE - Authorized Community Expansion Project


Hmmm interesting… Will take a look :smiley:

Are you using the latest (github) version of ACE or the Workshop one? Because we’ve fixed a similar issue recently but the error still exists in the Workshop version


Latest github, downloaded it yesterday!


Ooooh wait - then you might have found the same issue I did :smiley:

Paul fixed it already, so if you get latest again it should be fine :slight_smile:

Also, if possible, keep reports from latest in the discord as we usually assume reports here in Discourse are from people playing the release (Workshop) version :slight_smile: I mean, reports are always good of course, but that makes it a bit easier :smiley:
Or at least mention that you’re using Latest :jubilant:


It was actually a different error, but I just fixed it. Thanks for the report.


thank you, this should help


Tested with a 10 mods with this mods, it give me a blank screen. And the log file keep give this message
2019-01-15 11:39:19.786060 | server | 1 | simulation.remote_client | stopped buffering client updates. (seq:142 ack:142)
2019-01-15 11:39:19.837029 | server | 1 | simulation.remote_client | started buffering client updates. (seq:229 ack:142)
2019-01-15 11:39:19.939978 | server | 1 | simulation.remote_client | stopped buffering client updates. (seq:229 ack:229)

again and again for almost 2 hours, nothing display on the screen just blank screen…

But only with 5 mods, the game will run fine.

I test without this mod with the others mods it works fine.

Is there something that I miss out.


Hello everyone,

First, a big thank you for ACE team and the discord invitation, I am rather discreet in a general way, but I am happy to be able to announce that I made a small French translation for ACE. This is the very first draft, not necessarily always well translated, so there is probably room for improvement.

The link : startermod_locale_fr/translations/ace at master · FrenchTranslationTeam/startermod_locale_fr · GitHub

You can off course freely use it

Thanks ^^