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Not sure about actual help (my animation experience is highly limited), but I have ideas out the wahzo!!!

Mercs: This is a simple idea, but I don’t know how easy and/or difficult it would be to implement. So, every once and awhile a band of Mercs (Goblins, Orcs, Ogre, Rabbits, Hearthlings) they would show up like the quest text does with the face of the type of Merc they are. The mercs can then be hired for an amount of gold, and items. They would hand around in their camp near you and act as a buffer until they get bored and leave.


That’s… Actually a really fun idea honestly. Also code wise semi doable I guess you probably don’t have to be a dani or a Bruno to make that one happen XD doesn’t even have to be orcs or goblins, could be anything


Another idea deals with another faction. That I can imagen is a massive undertaking. However, I’ve been thinking on this for awhile, and I have a desire to at least put it out there.

First off, I’m aware of the Firefly Clan in another mod, but I’d like to see the goblin faction as playable in the way they act normally. By that I mean raiding to get materials. So a focus on raiding for stuff and scavenging for food stocks. It would require it’s on questlines and events for sure since traders would be unlikely to come near you much less actually try to trade.

One cool mechanic would be the means of getting more population. Instead of a random goblin appearing after certain things are met. Instead, semi-neutral camps of other goblins, every once in awhile, would pop up and if you have enough shines, and or strength of arms you can pull them to you way of thinking.

Another thing would be how they get upgraded. Fighters would be simple, but a slingshot variant that starts as a rock thrower would need to be made. this gives verity to troops while still giving them that raider feel.


Figured verity would be nice, but you are right. Not sure if you’d want to make them renewable, like before they decide to leave, the mercs could ask for more stuff to stay longer. It might be an interesting to see players not make soldiers and rely on a bunch of Merc camps for protection.


Okay, found a bug, or maybe I am doing this wrong. When I try to promote a rabbit to archer, and I have the archers bow, nothing happens. Any ideas?

Another bug, or again my own screw up. Was about to embark, but at that moment I gat attacked, and after the fight nothing happened, but my 3 hearthlings I sent off disappeared.


I’m having the same issue with promoting a Rabbit. New game, ACE as the only mod other than building templates.


They might be checking to see what the issue is. Yet to hear a reply, either here or on steam.


The rabbit archer bug is probably related to some animations they were missing - which should be fixed for the next version. At least I can’t seem to reproduce it in our current unstable version of the game after fixing their animations :frowning:


How does an animation error stop promotions? Is it simply the fact that they don’t have the animations for promotion? I’m actually curious.


Idea time:

__ “They came without warning, throwing and slinging stones. Trampling our men under foot of Mounted Varnas and trapping our citizens in globs of living slime.” Mortimer Saint, outpost 1162’s sol survivor.__

The idea is the goblin race as a playable faction. While I mentioned this in an earlier post I never elaborated on it. This I intend to correct.

The goblins, in-game, are raiders and thieves. It’s fairly unique amongst the other kingdoms and could be awesome to play -if done correctly-. One thing to do is make new units for them, and promotions that give them the continued feel of well goblins.

Raider - This is the leather clad fellow that pops up in most small camps. They can use a one-handed weapon (cleaver, club) wear leather(?) armor and are the foot soldier of the goblin hoard.

Bludgeoners - The sue-do knight, that wields a hammer. Wearing red armor, they are a means of dealing with heavily armored units of the other kingdoms. A second function seems to be the use of destroying unguarded supplies and equipment.

Wranglers - A trapper/shepherd with a combat support role, that uses tamed wolves to launch hit and run attacks. This unit could also buff these units, being as they are attack dogs. This unit allows the acquiring of the Wolf as a combat unit, and allow chances for other tames (Varnas).

Wolf - Fairly straight forward, a beast of war, that should be able to gain small upgrades like armor.

War Varnas - A rare tame for the Wrangler. A Varnas that can be used as a mount/moral booster for the troops, with a great amount of hitting power. You could make two verities 1.) a mount for the chieftain and drummer that is more of use as a point to boost moral -while also causing fear in the enemy-. 2.) the smaller ones could have a raider and two slingers armed with sling-shots as a skirmish/shock cav.

Shaman - A support unit of an odd sort. A summoner of slimes, with smaller ones slowing down attacks in exchange for their destruction and larger ones getting the enemies attention and absorbing damage, but giving weak hits in return.

Rock thrower - The start of the Range tree of foot troops. They are goblins that throw stones (maybe mud to?)… that’s it.

Slingers - More like Sling-Shot-ers? they use sling shots and shoot stones and metal pellets.


Hearth tenders - basically worker, and the starting point of all promotions. They are less likely to work as builders and more as movers (of other hearthlings stuff).

Scrounger - a forager/trapper that gathers food, and is the start to wranglers. They are quick to run from a fight, and should steer clear of enemy patrols.

Watcher - An odd class that is the very backbone to my idea. As a group of raiders, crafting things is a bit strange to them, but when the shines are in sight, but guarded. The goblins need to learn how to get the shines. This class is a unit that goes off to patrol hearthling outposts that spring up, and comes back to unlock the promotions for the goblins.

There is more to this idea, but what do ya’ll think of it so far? :sweat_smile:


We don’t have any plans (short nor long term) for playable goblins, sorry :merry:

Bruno’s mod is indeed a different type of goblin (as you pointed out) so I suppose your better hope is that someone else would want to make goblins like that :3


I know, but I figured putting it out there, if for no other reason than maybe add enemies to face in the goblin ranks, is better than saying nothing at all. Still any ideas, or thoughts rather? o o


My thoughts are: you can make them! I have faith in you! And speaking as someone who is on 1.8 or so kingdoms atm, I can tell you it’s not - that–hard! Just takes time and effort)


The problem with playable goblins as the ones in current the game, is that it is a novelty that would wear out pretty quickly. As soon as the player builds its first house, it is already conflicting with their intended use. It does not make much sense to build anything more than camps with them, and the player will be shooting his own foot doing so, as the kingdom will probably not have much to be build in terms of items and decorations… So it would became boring quick.
Such a play style would require a complete new gamemode, more intended for “mini-games”, where you can do raids and missions, etc… almost like as if in first person or in command of a specific avatar instead of a whole group.


somethign a lot more quist driven even maybe. and seeing as making quests is a ton of work, i suspect it wont be done XD


My interface keeps crashing and there is no bug report everytime, I just want to play, but the interface keeps stopping for no reason. Even when I start a new game it just stops. I hoped this addon would help but no luck. Anybody got any tips?


Never modded anything before, I could give it a go I suppose. That is a good point though. A quest driven campaign would be difficult to pull off.


I getcha, but what about just adding new enemies for you town to fight? Goblins are cool, but they are easy to wipe out. Again it was just an idea, but it can spawn other ideas, rather than face value. Though, I get what you’re all saying. I just might need to try making them myself. If only to see if it can be made to work. Any discussions on here I can go to for modding tips?


The stonehearth ace discord is where most modders hang around as far as I know, anything not in the modding guide, the people in there usually know :wink:


Hello everyone
The other day I was playing Northling, I had a little idea, I do not know if it’s possible.

It would be great to be able in the construction to choose the slope of the roof. For example 2/1 block in width or 1/2 in height instead of 1/1.

Indeed the most time-consuming with my Nordic construction type, being that I made steep roof block by block ^^.

for exemple : IMG_2309