[ACE] [April's Fools] Important Announcement

Greetings, everyone :content:

It is with a heavy heart and a bit of sorrow ( :glum: ) that I come today with news…

It’s been some time coming, but we have decided that it should be said today… This year, on 8th of July - the exact date of the 4th Anniversary of the ACE Project - we’ll be releasing our last planned update to the mod.

Support (bug fixing, smaller patches and such) will continue throughout the rest of the year and then on 28th of November - the 4th Anniversary of the first released version of ACE, we’ll be releasing one last “wrapping up” patch!

We could spend a long time debating about this decision or “why”, but the truth is simple. Four years is a long time and even though the project is fueled by passion and the love of a whole community, there are other priorities in life (unfortunately), things that we must alway place in front of everything else like mental health, family and love. :forlorn:

Instead of trying to go around it, we’ve decided to be honest and upfront about it.

Both me and Paulthegreat - currently the two main developers of ACE - have been invited by a huge software company (we can’t disclose it yet, sorry) to tackle an exciting new project! I can’t give a lot of details right now but I can assure you: if you love cats, memes and NFTs, you’ll love it. Really!

So we’re ready to face this new challenge together and embrace a new age of easily reproducible cheap art and questionable profits! We hope to see you guys $upporting us in this new endeavor and look forward to sharing the first images and videos when they’re publicly available (all of which will also be sold as premium collector’s NFTs!) which should be in Q1 2023 (rich people deal with time in quarters so we’re doing that too)

Stay safe, stay warm and have a nice weekend! :jubilant: :heart:


This has to be an april fools joke :pensive:


I sincerely hope so.


Yay dwarves on the 8th of July!!!


Unfortunately, the deal fell through. I misunderstood the original proposal and thought that we were going to be paid in “cats, memes, and NFTs,” but they clarified that that would be illegal, and I would only be receiving several hundred thousand dollars a year and would have a buy my own cats, memes, and NFTs. Obviously this was unacceptable to me, and since Dani and I were a package deal, he unfortunately has to pass as well. But ultimately it’s not like he’s missing out on much, only a million dollars for the first three years (which is like a brazillion of his so-called “real” dollars).

So if anyone has any actual offers of cats, memes, and NFTs for us, please let us know. Otherwise, keep your silly “money” and leave us in peace!


To my relief this one was just a joke - i`m grateful the project will go on.

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So glad this is being worked on. I’ve been thoroughly enjoying everything the team has been working on.

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