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Hey there Skylord!

Stonehearth is more of a sandbox city building game with RTS and RPG elements, rather than a strictly RTS game. There will be scripted modules within the game that have storylike elements, but the game will be focussed on your settlement and it’s growth. The team have stated that they want this to feel like it’s your world, that you build up the story and the experience for yourself.

They’ve stated in a livestream that they don’t want there to be an endgame, or victory condition as they want it to be a sandbox experience. However with the ‘modules’ it would seem that there will be something like quests that will see you doing and experiencing various things.

I get the feeling that there won’t be a main campaign, as I don’t think it fits in with the game they are trying to make here? Think more Dwarf Fortress rather than Age of Empires.

If I’m wrong I’m sure someone will correct me, and If I’m right … well I can only apologise for disappointing :cry:


I really hope that there is something like a campaign in the scripted modules so that there might be a series (or several series) of modules where completing one triggers the nest with strong, connected story elements that progress with each module. I realize it isn’t exactly the same, but I think the potential for story progression is one of Stonehearth’s strongest selling points among the survival/management genre.


Consider the Main Campaign as a Tutorial.
You get a series of tasks (quests) that guides you through all the steps needed to build your city. It gets more and more complicated as you go along and need to build more complex buildings and train crafters. You also get introduced to exploration and combat and start interacting with your neighbours, goblins, bunnies, dwarves, etc… And much later even travel to other planes.
But this game being a sandbox doesn’t have to end anywhere. Just ignore the quests given and build it your own way.

The next play style is pure sandbox. You might be able to select some parameters before generating your world. Things like number of enemies, various Biomes, difficulty levels, etc. Then start building freestyle.

Another way to start would be to select some adventure module(s) either from the devs or community made and go on a different kind of adventure.

The ability to mod most parts of the game is what will make it still attractive 10 years from now. The day you start getting bored with your game, you discover a brand new set of mods and you have to give that a try. That’s when you restart a new world from scratch.


agreed… however there are likely to be a few "connected’ modules (related events)… im thinking specifically of the scenario described in the pizza party livestream… i believe they were discussing the scenario where a goblin raiding party approaches your town, and you have the option possibly negotiating, or attacking, etc.

should you attack, you might trigger another module that brings forth a larger enemy wave against your settlement… so, perhaps situations where there are cause and effect related modules… but nothing on the level of full blown campaigns form AOE, etc.