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I think this is fantastic - whilst I have no idea how difficult it would be to implement in terms of across users (probably damn hard), it would be pretty awesome if there were blueprints already in the game, stocked and made by NPCs that you accessed via trading.


An idea that came to life while I was play the latest Elder Scrolls was something of an online influence on other people. In short it would work as such:

My character’s looks and equipment, and would act according to my play style. They game would put my character in the would and spawn in randomly. Depending on my game play it would act differently, thief - would try to rob you, if I was going around solving all the trouble I could find - I might help you, if I was just flat out murdering people - well you get the point.

With my ignorance towards programming and task managing I wouldn’t know what way or how they could implement this. If I was a guessing man - something along the lines of a snap shot of what you have done in Game A and then fed online so Game B could see it, read it, and then add it to the world while it’s being generated.


Haha Steve…excited much? Give the kids back their forums or start handing out bookmarks for your posts :wink:


How does light sources work? I think it would be great to make night time very, very dark so that you have to plan your lighting accordingly and have to lay out torches for your workers to see or light your town so it works. Plus when you go into dungeons, take torches and lights to help build atmosphere!


I love these ideas! Must get Radiant to see these!


Damn there are some really amazing ideas in this thread! I love it!


The Techtree for the villagers sounds reallly interesting, but somehow it also bothers me little bit.
I am really looking forward to many types of villagers, but I hope you will also give us a good villager management for the jobs, because as a sandbox strategy game with townbuilding.
I guess you will have to manage after a while more than 50-100 people and I dont think anyone, would want use 30% of the gameplay to assign people to their jobs.

I am still confused about the gameplay, I already wrote them that the video feels for me, somehow a mix out of:
The Settler 4* (because of the different types of settler and everyone has their own job )

  • Will be there also special typed buildings or will you have to do them?

A Kingdom for Keflings (Xbox Arcarde game, where you avatar commanded other settlers to build a city)

  • Will you be able to automate specific procedures? like bringing the result of the smith to the next station of the chain?

I’m sorry, I dont know who is who here. It’s my first post on this plattform, but I like it.


Have you ever played Dwarf Fortress or Gnomoria?

I think those games are possibly quite close to how the management of tasks will be delegated.

As for the classes - they’ve drawn inspiration from the job system in Final Fantasy, and in particular FF Tactics (amongst other games).

As for the details of specifics, I’m not sure that anyone is truly aware of how it’s all going to be handled, I’ve played Kingdom for Keflings and I doubt it will be very much like that - the only thing that would be similar would be the process of making items. So this profession makes X, which is used by this profession to make Y. This [urlhttp://stonehearth.net/2013/04/24/desktop-tuesday-belated-edition-introducing-the-weaver/] blog[/url] on their website gives a good overview of how it works.

So to answer your questions - My understanding is that you build a building, and then designate it for its purpose. There might be different types of prefabs for houses, workshops, stores, etc.

As for automation, because you are thinking of Kingdom for Keflings I think this is why you’re assuming things won’t be automated, but in Dwarf Fortress and Gnomoria these processes are, and as far as I know they would be in Stonehearth.

So for example, your carpenter needs wood to make a door, he’ll go get wood from the nearest stockpile, you simply designate an area for materials to be kept and they will be placed there accordingly, you don’t need to manually move every item yourself.

I hope that helps a little, I’m not one of the guys from Radiant so these aren’t official answers! But they should hopefully be correct, I’m sure someone will correct me if not! :smile:


Hey! Thanks for the fast respond :smiley:
Well to be honest, I heard of them often already and wanted get dwarf fortress, but didn’t had the time yet. Funnily the other games I played Castle Story (Dwarf Fortress) and KAG (Gnormoria) got also compared with them lol

I see so mostly the chain is getting (we guess) automated proceeded from stockpile to stockpile.

Yes Thank you :slight_smile: Well, but you seem to know much as I read :smile:


If you must put it in a box it is a cross between God Game and Life Simulation genre.
From a technical point of view you design goals for the little people to follow.


Hm I agree, but as stated as a sandbox strategy game, I would like still to know, if there are goals to end a ‘match’. Maybe I ask too much, but when I hear strategy game, I also think of an ending of a ‘match’.

e.g. playing against other real player or AI with economy or military goals.


Actually, I always found it to be sad, when I had built a nice city or base in any RTS and then that mission ends and I would have to proceed to make a new city. As a player I’m kind of like a beaver on crack with massive OCD and paranoia. :smiley: You know… my “goal” is to build some kind of crazy impenetratable fortress. Then I would assign some building in the middle of my base as my house and curl up in front of the imaginative fireplace like an old dog. XD
But as I said earlier, I’m a beaver with OCD, so my base is actually never perfect enough, so I do curl up in front of the fireplace in my mind, but then I get fidgety, because there’s still some weak point in the wall to the east of my fortress, so I get up to fix it. And so on and so forth…

I know, people like a steady stream of challenge. But I don’t.
My goal is to be safe from challenge. But, as I said, that goal is never reached as I can never be safe ENOUGH from challenge.
You may say I could switch off enemies. But if there’s no challenge to be safe from to begin with, there wouldn’t be a goal for me to seek for.

And I kinda think and hope that Stonehearth will finally be THAT game I was always searching for. :smiley:

EDIT: Don’t misunderstand me. I do like adventure as well. But I like to know there’s a safe base to come back to from my crusades. So maybe Stonehearth could have some kind of staged gameplay.

  • First Stage: Survival in the wild
  • Second Stage: Building and managing your Settlement/City.
  • Third stage: Go on small adventures with small troops or special adventurer-type-job kind of character. Like quests. Killing ghosts in old ruins nearby, raid a pirate hideout, or go on treasure hunt Indiana Jones Style.
  • Fourth stage: All out War. (Against AI hordes, other players, or Titans).

But all stages should be optional to proceed to.


well I agree, i also kinda think its sad when its over after a good match…with a nice and good structured base (town) but thats one of the reason I dont like to play simcity, minecraft or sims (with cheats for playing for ever)… because I get the feeling, why i am playing this all… this will anywhen stop and then it was it, its not like lego that you have it and it will be there till you really destroy it… I played so many games and different things and it happened always with games, that they are not for ever…

So i often like to start over again, because you have something to start again…

In short: I hope there will be both things possible, but I guess it will… some kind of endless mode and hopefully some otherkind of modes.


If I understood you right (I’m from Germany ;)), I agree with you. Minecraft can get stale after a while, because there are not really any quests anymore when you’ve already done the standard-stuff like building your base, catching and breeding Horses (coming with 1.6) killing the Wither, killing the Ender Dragon a.s.f…
So I guess it will be a hard task for the devs to keep gameplay interesting for long sessions. And I actually don’t know how they will accomplish this or even at all. I don’t know if you could do this with waves of hordes again and again surging against the walls of your city. Or, as I implied earlier: Lots of Quests you can do if you wish so.

But I certainly do hope they will find a way, because I love to play a world long and extensively. :wink:


Probably like Gnomoria. The game finishes when you get destroyed by enemies or when the player gets bored with the setting and wishes to start a fresh new Kingdom or you download a new Mod to try.
It’s a sandbox so it doesn’t have an End as such. You decide when to end the game.


If you read this interview: http://www.worldsfactory.net/2013/05/25/stonehearth-interview-exclusive, the developers reiterate that the world will have scripted modules with potential story elements and the possibility for progression. ( It is about the fourth question.)

The developers want there to be story and progression, but they don’t want to force an ending on the players. That isn’t to say that some one else couldn’t put together a series of interlinked modules (not mods) that lead to a definite “ending” for the game. In this way, you are not forced into finishing your game if you want to continue, but there would be the potential to say, “I’m done. Now I will replay and see if I can beat another series of modules.”


I see thats also a nice way… I would have already liked it when it have come to ‘finished the game… want play on or stop?’


Now you announced that the dwarf race is coming out,
will you be build an underground village?
(Like erebor)



Firstly it’s important to remember that the Dwarves are a post-release goal, which is 15 months away, so who knows when we will start seeing things relating to dwarves.

Having said that, they have already stated that they want the underground experience to be similar to that of the overground one, filled with awesome content for you to explore and discover.

So to answer your question directly. I would say yes, I don’t see any reason that would stop you being able to build something like erebor.

I would imagine the dwarves would have their own building style as well.


Hello, Readers

I really think that you should make a campaign for Stonehearth because I’ve taken looks a concessions about what people like most about a MMO skirmish game and city building games. They said campaign was their most favorite feature of the game. So consider this reply carefully and don’t let us down! :smile: