Ability to delete roads when overlapping a new road

You apparently are able to delete roads you’ve made.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. lay a road down. Have the hearthlings compete it
  2. begin to create a secondary road that overlaps the first road (also works with floors)
  3. Before accepting and building second road, erase the secondary road where it overlaps initial road

Expected Results:
You build a second road
Actual Results:
You build a second road and the part you erased whilst in the build mode of the second road erases or the hearthlings dig up the erased overlapped section.

only erases built roads, does not effect terrain not touched by the user

Version Number and Mods in use:
14… 519 64bit
System Information:
2013 macbook pro windows boot

I believe I’ve used this to my advantage before - a long time ago, when roads were pretty new - so I’m reluctant to call it a bug.

It is pretty odd behavior, certainly in bug territory. The @moderators will have to make the bug / NaB call.

Something similar happened to me as well…
Though I quite not remember what exactly happened, I had to erase my two roads completely and build a new one in the end.
As far as I remember, the hearthlings somehow decided to rip the first road apart, not only where it would have overlapped and the project got stuck in the process.
It happened in A14, must have been the secondlatest develop build.