[A7] NaB, Trapping Ground has to be minimum size

I just started a new game in Alpha 7, about 30 mins ago.
I deleted all of my previous saves (incompatible with build)

In a new world, found this on normal and peaceful

  • assign trapper
  • try to assign trapping grounds but the numbers and measurement lines come up as red so I can’t confirm.

It doesn’t work with or without an assigned trapper. I also made sure that there was plenty of space around and no objects in interfere, but still wont place the trapping grounds grid.

This is a bit annoying since I want to try out the new Shepard :frowning:

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hey there @Beryg… would you mind taking a screenshot of the bug? thanks!

I just found that if the grid is at least 10 x 10 then it works, this might have been a change that I didn’t previously know about.

I can’t seem to take a screenshot unfortunately, looking at various Windows 8 methods and it screenshots the apps or desktop behind instead of the game.

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hmm… interesting… can anyone confirm this? @sdee, is this by design?

and you mention using the shepherd… are you trying to layout a pasture or a trapping zone?

if you are running the Steam client, you can hit F12 and it will capture a screenshot for you… :+1:

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I mentioned the Shepard because the job page states that you need a level 3 trapper. Which I couldn’t get of I can’t trap things. :sweat_smile:


right, sorry… class progression! :smile:

so, my guess is a 10x10 is the minimum requirement for a trapping zone… which, when you think about it, makes sense… :wink: but we can wait for an official confirmation…


Yes indeed, we implemented a minimum size for both trapping grounds and pastures. :slight_smile: I guess we need a better indication that the area needs to be bigger.


Oh, that explains why I couldn’t make trapping grounds most of the time… I didn’t realize it was the size what made it work only sometimes.

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