[A4 r130] Bug screens


I cannot clearly say why this appeared… My villagers had just finished eating a meal at their tables and chairs… (btw a villager was sitting above the chair instead of on the chair, the others were sitting ok)


This one occured after I asked my weaver to craft a Thick Leather Vest


For this one I didn’t give any order at all, might have to be related to combat


The famous sunrise bug (just kill the darn rooster!)


I did’nt do anythin special before that one…


This one occured after I saved my game, exited and restarted the game where I had left. It occured immediately after loading.


This bug occurs if I click on the “Change vision mode” icon to display houses without their walls and roofs and if I move the view with the keyboard: strangely, part of the roof of the second house is displayed. It disappears if I reclick on the icon again, but reappear each time I move the view.

In r130 houses are perfectly built !!! Thanks for the bug crushing guys :slight_smile: