A17 develop 2998 / x64 - Blacksmith and mining issues


After I get blacksmith, I created Forge and placed it on ground. I ordered copper ores to be smelted and my blacksmith is not doing anything. It turns out that blacksmith refuses to do anything with ores.

And at the same time, I ordered my workers to mine some area and they refuse to mine.

Steps to reproduce: - Blacksmith

  1. promote one of villager to blacksmith
  2. create Forge and place on ground
  3. order copper ores to be smelted

Steps to reproduce: - Mining

  1. Highlight ground with large mining selection

Expected Results:

  • Copper ores to be smelted
  • Workers to start mining after I selected ground with mine selection

Actual Results:

NOTE: After loading saved file, it turns out that my blacksmith is starting to smelt ores BUT workers still refuse to mine the area that I ordered them to mine for ores.

  • Blacksmith refuses to smelt copper ores
  • Workers refuse to start mining after ordering them to do so.



Here is saved file: 1465351399888

Version Number and Mods in use:

A17 develop 2998 / x64

System Information:
Windows 10 Pro - 64 bit
Dell Latitude E6530 (Laptop)
CPU: i5-3210M (Dual processor)
GPU: NVS 5200M