A15 - Build resources required shows as empty


Steps to reproduce:

  1. Used the custom builder to place 3 individual blocks.
  2. Clicked to designate the build as finished.
  3. Screen that shows build required resources shows the number of needed wood as empty

Expected Results:

I expect to see the amount of wood required as a rounded-up numeric representation.

Actual Results:

Nothing is shown until the game or the build is paused and re-started.

100% reproducible.
Screenshot: Screenshot by Lightshot


Version Number and Mods in use:
Mods: Brewery Mod, Cooks Mod, End Pieces Mod
(Bug also happens when no mods are installed.)

System Information:
Windows 10 64bit
Steam installation of the game updated to AF15


hey there @Mizzy, welcome to the discourse :smile:

the bug here isn’t the “num” part showing, thats normal, whats wrong is its not showing a list of required things… lemme grab a screenshot to show what it normally looks like.

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@8BitCrab You are correct! My brain remembered seeing a number of something, and so I assumed it went where “Num” was.

After pausing and re-starting the build OR the game, the proper list shows up, but only after doing so.

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I have updated the bug to correctly reflect the issue :slightly_smiling:

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hmm… thats definitely odd, i’ve never run into this problem myself… :confounded:

i forget who to page for building… :neutral_face: so i’ll page @sdee

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I am SUPER good at breaking things :smiley: I work for a testing company IRL so expect to see more bug reports from me as I find things :cat: