[A10][Dev2387x64] Goblin raiding parties don't fight

When the goblin raiding parties attack, the armoured goblins that destroy your stock pile, they do not react to your Hearthlings attacking them. The goblins just keep destroying your stockpile until you kill them.

Similarly the goblins that come in to steal single items will just keep trying to pick up items to steal if you fight them. They are also almost impossible to hit when they are running away with an item.

They will not fight when you made a fence or wall or sometime they refuse to take ladders. If they a hovering over there camp fire they will get down at some time if you did not make the face, wall or ladders. :wink:

No fence, walls or ladders involved. Just open stockpiles and the goblin camp is on the same terrain level as my area.

They can also bug when they can complete their task(Stealing the item that was eaten or destroyed. Trying to destroy am item that was used to build something with… ). then they will just stand around and wait.