A10 dev 271 x64 Goblin Town Wall Breakers

Just built my town and two walls on each side. Normal my hearthlings can sleep well, however this time when the Goblin town spawned it destroyed one of my town walls in the process, beware :smile:

Notice they were nice enough to leave the pillar built into the stone at the top of the picture.


I have been playing alpha 10 for some hours now.
The main problem is that the goblin camps are spawning, so that my buildings are replaced with the camps… destroying/removing everyting under… workshops, buildings, walls, loot…

ive been reading lots of different accounts of the goblin camp being really close to peoples villages…

@sdee has the spawn distance or something been changed in alpha 10? if so, perhaps its a little to close :wink:


Yes, the spawn distance algorithm was much improved (from the Goblin’s POV) in this last release. Previously, it they just couldn’t find a place to spawn about 50% of the time. Now… well… we’re working on it. Think of it as “extra hard” mode, and thanks for your patience.


Goblin camps kept spawning and destroying my stock piles too. They don’t seem to like building if there is uneven terrain though so I dug a ring of spaced out 4x4 pits around my next town and they stopped spawning although you do get tunnelling goblins.

Could you explain this and provide a picture maybe?

It’s not a glitch, they are just goblins that appear with what looks like a hole/tunnel entrance in the ground but without the whole camp setup. Alpha 10 fixed the problem of the camps spawning over stuff :smile:


On the subject of the camps. Why do they dig their camps 1 voxel down? Leaves scars that can’t be filled in with earth, as there is no earth resource. Then again, will earth from excavations be in the game eventually.

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Two quotes from the main page of the site, the last thing you want is make that city and then have a camp appear smack in the middle of it. Will grass spread onto areas of earth you reveal or place, Gnomoria does it.