A wishlist of minor polishes and improvements for 1.0/1.1

Minor Inconsistency: The debug_tools “Item Stamper” tool opens a window labeled “Item Dropper”. Basically a non-issue but I just had to mention it after seeing it.

Archers should be allowed to equip armor crafted by tailors (padded vest / thick leather vest / padded cloth helmet / thick leather helmet).
Knights should be able to equip any metal armor (bronze and higher) and any type of shield (wooden buckler and higher).
FIX Cook recipes need to be updated to match requirements. The stone oven requires a level 2 cook, but some recipes that require the stone oven were overlooked and are still level 1 recipes.

These suggestions just make sense.

While I agree that they should be more consistent, technically the cooking ones aren’t inherently problematic, because you could have multiple cooks, and the first one to hit level 2 can make the oven, and then everyone can use it to make those level 1 recipes. In the same way that your level 2 farmer unlocks certain crops, and then all the farmers can plant/harvest them.

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About the reballance suggestion : these er literally done by adding linke two words to a file (I know because my nordlings have this) but the knight won’t because the i-level of his defaultarmour is higher than the bronze one etc. And for the archer this will mean he can suddenly wield a shield, so that’s not idea either. Can be fixed but you might be better off waiting for the ACE mod for this stuff

This fancy door escaped the mighty legacy items’ cleanse :joy:
(noticed it last night, got one in the game)

I removed it from the loot_bag through ACE with a mixinto, but could be eeeeeeeeeasily fixed on Radiant’s end too :merry:

Yeah, BrunoSupremo reported it a while ago (Old fine items still obtainable)

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Wolf Cage fix so they are inside cages and dont attack players would be a good thing that i posted very long ago :slight_smile:

also fix the tool that you grab colors with so it changes to the correct icon and not remain the paint brush which makes it seem you never even clicked the tool

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Well I’m new here to discourse, but by no means new to the game or it’s lengthy development which has been fascinating to watch and there have been plenty of really insightful streams over that time. However, as the whole cycle sadly approaches it’s end I felt I had to chime in now before it was definitely too late.

To the whole team involved, thank you for such a wonderful and enjoyable game. I’ve clocked up a few hundred hours in total on it and loved every moment of it. The art style is adorable, the building mechanics are technically clever, smoothe and highly versatile. The story, the choices, the apparent simplicity with discoverable depth is beautifully woven in. The only downside is the performance issue and something which causes any play session to get ever more laggy and sluggish forcing continual saving and relaunching. (even with only a small number of citizens). However, big congrats to all involved and for finally getting to and deciding on a ‘shipped’ state. It’s a state that always seems to be more forced onto you (by one means or another) than actually chosen by the developer as there is always something more that you want to add somewhere.

I still rate this as one of the best/most fun games that I’ve played during the last few years, and will no doubt continue to play it on and off for years to come.


A minor annoyance on the settings page. It seems the “Display Adapter” info text that is shown at the top of the window is multi-line and due to it’s second line, the info area almost entirely blocks my ability to click on the ‘fullscreen’ option. There is about one pixel of room at the very bottom to successfully toggle this option. Even though the text ‘Fullscreen’ and the checkbox are clearly visible, the textarea of the info text is obscuring my ability to select it.

Suggestions include:
a) Allow this text area to be clicked through
or b) Shift this info text field to the right and allow it to text-wrap as at present, even covering several lines, it wouldn’t obscure anything


Siv’s Stone Bowl (supply container) after being purchased from a vendor and before being deployed shows up in the Town Overview inventory under the subcategory: ‘stonehearth:ui.game.item_categories.containers’ rather than the ‘Storage’ category.

In the object deployment menu, it shows up under the ‘Storage category’ and after being deployed it shows up correctly in the Town Overview inventory under Storage.


Builders are still forever trapping themselves in the window gaps within walls (for windows that are 2 blocks above ground) Though I haven’t yet established the exact situations what cause it - i.e. whether it depends on how far across the wall and thus how much of the building process is from the last scaffold when the window hole is encountered. It’s almost a shame that ‘trapped citizens’ don’t (in-code) let out a cry for help to call for another citizen to add some scaffold to get to them/set them free - adding a queued task to the list for AI processing.


It would be really nice to have some interactive feedback on the main menu and in-game menu upon clicking the buttons. Just something very subtle such as a soft click sound, or a colour highlight on the menu button to let you know that your click was registered. This is particularly noticable on the main menu ‘Continue’ button as there is quite a lengthy delay from your click to the screen actually changing and the game loading without any immediate sound or visual feeback

Wishlist item:

It would also be really nice to have some kind of console command line to reset or clear the current AI for pathing/activity queue and re-assess all collectable items in the world (similar to reloading). Without a top-end PC and after about 45mins-1hr of game time, it seems some citizens simply stop functioning while the others continue as usual, some items are permanently ignored for collection and sometimes even some of the guards don’t respond when given an attack order but just walk in a square around one of the crop-fields and only one or two of the squad run out to their subsequent death without their backup. This currently forces a constant save and re-load or relaunch to clear down whatever has jammed up the jobs stack or is blocking items further down the AI queue. Re-loading cures everything but is very time-consuming, and frustrating. It wouldn’t even matter about the command taking a while to process and reevalute stuff as it would still no-doubt be quicker than relaunching. It would seem that something in the game is either continually eating up more and more memory, or various lists of things are not being cleared down correctly and thus take increasingly longer to parse through. Not expecting the problem itself to be fixed, but an intermediate solution of a console command to somehow clear down stuff as a reset would be awesome. (Note this is not due to increasing citizen counts during said playtime - simply due to actions and items within the world)

Wishlist item:

In the town status window (first page) have a checkbox option to ‘Restrict growth’. Ticking this would stop all the ‘Daily Update’ notifications until you unchecked it again. Useful for all those cautious about over-expanding their town size too quickly, or for those that start to experience the slowdown at a level. It would effectively do the same as changing the 'max ’ in the gameplay game settings but would just be game-world specific rather than a global setting. Just prohibiting growth updates until you uncheck it again. (Purely because it gets very tedious constantly getting this notification and declining the additional citizen).

Wishlist item:

A craftable Patrol Point Banner. (similar to the other banners but with a different symbol or a different colour) When placed, it marks the spot where your militia hang out (rather than patrolling the crop fields).

As for AI: Upon reaching the banner there is a check for additional banners placed in the world. If so, then there is a random chance that they will head off to another Patrol Banner chosen at random. The selection chance being higher for banners in closer proximity - either by path which would require pathfinding overhead, or simply as the crow flies by coordinates - although it would probably require pathfinding to ensure that the banner location chosen is actually reachable. (I say location, rather than banner object itself as the banner might be removed by the player while they are on route to it)

Wishlist item:

Being able to force-prioritise the collection of an item. Proposed method - select the item in the world (either one that is marked for collection, or one that has simply been dropped and has a place that it could be stored). In the info box at the bottom left, there could be an icon (where placed objects have the move/undeploy icons) to signal this for immediate collection. Upon pressing, a quick check for idle citizens/golems, or other citizens with space to carry it already on a fetch task can be done, and one can be assigned to fetch it, replacing the icon with a tick (or something else) to show that it has been earmarked for retrieval. (As those players not showing the AI pathing lines on-screen won’t have the same feedback as those with it)

If no citizens are available to collect it, or if there is nowhere to actually take it to/store it, then an error message similar to ‘maximum turret/golem deployment’ etc can be shown.

Not only would this allow players to prioritise an item of loot to carry back as and when required, but it would also provide the player with a debug tool. Those odd occasions when you have something on the map that just sits there untouched - but the player is unaware that the storage for that type of item is either undefined or full. The error message upon trying to force collection would reveal to them the problem.

Wishlist item:

In the Town Overview Inventory, it would be really nice to have subtotals shown next to each sub category header - possibly right-aligned. So you can much more easily see where your seemingly large items-capacity is being so quickly eaten up. Be it from windows, furniture, decorations or food…

Anyhoo… that’s about all I’ve got for now that I haven’t seen mentioned elsewhere. Once again congrats all involved, and thank you for this real gem of a game. <3


Welcome to the forum, @Miniwizard :smiley:

And thanks for the feedback :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ll ask @linda if we can change that. Normally that text fits (the font size is tiny) but I can imagine some adapter names being long. I wonder if we should just move it to the bottom below all the options? There seems to be more space there. :thinking:

I’ve fixed that up for next build, there was a wrong category in the iconic.

How many hearthlings did you have when this started to happen? We’ve made some performance improvements in the unstable branch (which should get rid of hitches and lag on early games), but there are cases where they will still become idle (have you used any wet stone to connect two lakes? if so, undeploy them and see if it helps with the idleness).

If you have a savefile that lags, please upload it so that devs can investigate it.

There’s a mod for something like that: Steam Workshop :: Patrol Points

Your other suggestions are good, but I don’t know if/when they can get implemented. We’re focusing on improving performance and fixing bugs in the little time we have left. There are some major pain points like the stuck hearthlings that you mention, we’re thinking about how to help the players in those situations (our AI has no way of knowing why a hearthling is stuck, maybe someone will build a scaffolding ladder just a second after that, or you’re purposely trying to lock them, etc), it’s a complex problem. :disappointed_relieved:

Thanks again for posting. Give the unstable branch a try if you haven’t, the latest fixes are there :slightly_smiling_face:

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It’s tricky automatically instructing them to build a ladder or something because someone else might be on their way to do just that already, or because the area in which they’re trapped might not have a clear location from their perspective of where to build a ladder. I’ve put a little thought into this, and the best I came up with for the time being was my What’s Stuck mod that alerts you when they’re stuck, but relies on you to actually get them unstuck: Paul the Great’s modding vertex

Sounds pretty reasonable and simple, we might add it to ACE.

As Relyss says, there’s a mod that does exactly that. We also incorporated it into ACE, and are transitioning to having it function more like issuing orders rather than having to construct/place items.

I think this has been brought up before at ACE, so it (not necessarily your proposed solution) might get implemented in some form.


Sounds great. I’ve just found that patrol point mod and will give it a look.

As for the ‘stuck’ situations, yeah I’ve been thinking a lot about it too during all the time I’ve been playing. Best I could come up with was to add some kind of ‘spoof’ object deployment. Using a new object that has no model and pretty much self destructs once placed (almost like a very quick hatching time on a fertilized egg) at the feet of the trapped hearthling.

This might not work at the moment the hearthling is initially stuck (allowing time for others to accidentally resolve the situation, but upon the trapped hearthling starting to starve - or indeed decide to fall asleep in the trapped location due to having no path back to his/her bed, it could manufacture a deployment order of this ‘special entity’ at the feet of the trapped hearthling and at the same time, spawn one of this said invisible entity at the town banner - much as purchased items or quest rewards appear. Any available hearthling can then queue up that deployment order, collect the invisible entity from the town banner, move to the hearthlings location (providing there is a path to do so) and proceed to erect a ladder to achieve said goal (much like when deploying wall mounted items). Upon deployment, the task is completed, the entity itself can self destruct, trapped hearthling can escape, and the ladder is automatically deconstructed.

Granted this won’t solve every single instance of a trapped hearthling. Digging a deep pit and forgetting about the guy at the bottom of the hole wouldn’t get fixed, but it could be used to catch a multitude of construction trappings - which are AI driven cases rather than poor player choices/commands.

Of course, there would need to be a way to ‘clear’ this faked place/deployment order and remove the extra added invisible item should the situation be either manually resolved or the hearthling accidentally rescued, but that shouldn’t be too difficult to check for and clean up.

Sure, it’s a bit of a hack solution, but using many existing mechanics to do so.

Wishlist item:

Shop sign for the geomancer


The various T3 ‘throws’ (Blue golden throw, coral etc… have icons which would indicate they are wall mounted (just as tapestry and painting etc) as opposed to the horizontal style icon for floor coverings (such as carpet/fur rug etc).


Should the wrought iron gate and the flower fences really be in the ‘decorations’ category rather than with all the other gates/fences in ‘construction’


Sometimes in the building editor, two items (particularly noticeable with decorations and windows) will get placed in the exact same location. Only noticeable in the list pane of items in the build.


‘Wall Crest’ (an item which will crash the game on attempting to place it) is still available for purchase from Cloth vendors

Are these final icons? They look so out of place compared to the other arts.

Yes, those are conversation bubbles icons for abstract subjects, which follows different art style guidelines than icons like traits and buffs. They’re meant to be very simple and readable

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Being able to combine two templates.
Select template 1 and hold shift select template 2 click “merge button” to merge them to be the same. This would help a lot when building big things that for example needs many towers or anything many times it would save a huge amount of time to not have to rebuild an exact copy 10 times ect :slight_smile: might be to big for a 1.1 but would love this either for 1.1 or a MOD to fix this


It would be nice if decorative item placement in the builder functioned more similarly to the item placer tool outside of the builder: outside of the builder you can place items on one another (with certain restrictions) but in the builder, anything that’s not a building piece is filtered out of the _location_filter (and then also checked against in the server build service add_fixture). Presumably some sort of “placement structure” reference would need to be added, perhaps doubly-linked so the builder could easily determine a proper placement order.

Of course these item placement bugs would probably also need to be addressed for this to function properly.

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It is possible to use the hole tool on an existing building and put a hole in it. It should not react to that, the realization is really scary.


That… may unintentionally answer the hopes and prayers of hundreds of players hahaha! But yeah I can see what you mean, it could cause all kinds of issues if players aren’t careful.


Change the wood traders so they instead of selling just oak and juniper logs, they sell wood resources, which would allow all logs to appear in his shop (acacia, cactus, pine, palm, modded logs).

Edit: this below got implemented
And with the above, unique thumbnails for each wood type, right now they look all like this:
Only the palm log looks different cause I modded it.

Edit: Just got the icons from the saved_objects folder, here:
cactus_log cactus
pine_log pine
palm_log palm
acacia_log acacia
juniper_log juniper