A quick question about the roadmap

i love this games humor but i gotta ask WHAT IS THE PIRATES NINJAS AND POLITICIANS ON THE ROADMAP what on earth is it what will it be/do to the game etc.

I am so confused every time i see that…

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it was one of the kickstarter stretch goals, here’s the description from the kickstarte page,

other than that i don’t believe much about it is known.


I’m in the US and I want to know if I can choose between pirates and ninjas instead. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve always wondered, though, if Radiant’s going to put in all the stuff from the Kickstarter stretch goals, or if a lot of the stuff discussed back then was for a slightly different direction than Stonehearth has ended up going. So far I don’t have any reason to doubt them - infinite worlds seem to be the only thing they’ve backed out on - but I’m still curious for some reason.


oh, stuff is known… all sorts of stuff! take, for example, the ****** of the ****** *** Highlands… and that story arc inevitably leads to the tale of ******* ***** and his band of ********** *****…

but I digress… :wink:

having said all that (nonsense), I too am curious just what items from the campaign are still a twinkle in the teams collective eyes… :grin:

as for this particular stretch goal, I can absolutely see this still making its way into the game… a mischievous faction that works towards your towns undoing? yup, that has TR written all over it… :joy:


Like a worker union, who tells your people about ‘wages’, causing unrest and organized strikes? Or worse: democracy! :smile:

Although I am embarrassed to say it, what @8BitCrab said is currently all that we know. I have asked the team during multiple streams about more details on the above, to no avail. I will have to improve my technique :wink:

Hmm…I was thinking they would be either class types or possibly AI unwanteds who come to you town and cause havoc. The idea of them being a faction didn’t occur to me. But I suppose AI unwanteds and factions are pretty much the same thing.

Politicians specifically are food for thought. More on this later :wink: (the wheels in my brain are spinning at full force)