A new option in the graphics settings

Just downloaded build 2969, and I opened my settings to discover the previous shadow bar, with options for a little, some, a lot, etc had been replaced by one with… Numbers? This is fine and dandy, but a little unclear to me as to what qualifies as a shadow.

@not_owen_wilson can you explain this what this change does for the game?

as can be seen in your screenshot, not actually replacing anything, just added in :wink:


Oh, Ok. I thought it replaced something else that was there before.

Hello! The new option allows you to specify the maximum number of shadow-casting lights in the game. So, if you have many many lights on screen that can all cast shadows, this will make sure we don’t go nuts trying to render all of them. We try to pick the closest/most-prominent shadow casters when deciding which shadows to prioritize.


Ok, so it’s exactly like the light slider bar, but with shadows. Makes sense, Thank you.

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