Disabling shadows does not disable shadows in game

Shadow details set to off, Max number of shadows set to 0, Shadows still going across…
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Go to settings, set shadow options as per above
  2. Saved, exit, relaunched game.

Expected Results:
No shadows

Actual Results:
Shadows still showing


Version Number and Mods in use:
dev-3000 (x64) vanilla
System Information:

Not sure what you are referring to as shadows.

The clouds?
The unexplored border?

I think that setting only turns off shadows created by light. At least in my experience.

Clouds and the unexplored border are separate from light shadows. Far as I know. That is my assumption though.

I was indeed referring to the clouds shadow on the ground, as I noticed that when they show up in the field of view, the game stutters a little. Not terrible, but definitely noticeable, especially over trees.


hmm… if you’re getting small amounts of lag from cloud shadows, perhaps they should be included in the shadow detail slider… @Albert?

Or even a separate slider, for those who don’t suffer from that ailment :slight_smile:


Turning off shadows turns off shadows created by light sources (such as braziers, torches, etc). These shadows do place a demand on the GPU. Shadows cast by clouds do not; what you’re seeing is the visual effect of movement of the clouds over the trees (for example), not anything that affects performance. So turning off cloud shadows would have no impact.

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@brad , thank you for your response. Where I do see the impact, however, is when the shadows cast by clouds go from the ground to the top of trees and back to the ground. If I go over a fairly dense tree area (but still with space between them), when the pixel of cloud goes from cloud to the top of the leaves on the tree, or from the top to the ground, there is definitely an impact that can be seen, especially when heartlings are running around in the same area.

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