A little question

Sometimes I use the comands (ctrl+c) to teleport trees, teleport people when they get stuck on the ladder, destroy objects, etc …

There is a quick access to use this tipe of comands to avoid putting repetly ?


destroying objects is an option under the harvesting/mining tab
a limited in distance and use frequency teleport is in the charactersheet window of individual hearthlings
beyond that it is console commands

If you can resist the temptations of cheating, you can activate the “Debug Tools” mod in the mods screen and then when you Shift+click an entity you’ll have a faster and easier access to certain commands like destroy, teleport, etc.

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It works, thanks a lot Dani


if for some reason you do have to use the console command to repeatedly do the same command (although as Dani says the debug tools should work for all those same commands), then you can simply press the “up” arrow key while in the command console to re-load the last command you used. If you had to, say, delete all the windows in a building because you wanted to replace them; then you can use this trick to repeatedly use the destroy command without having to fully type it each time.