A good way to make your build much nice from the inside

In google map there a yellow man what you can pot on the street to help you i think it be cool if you can use that to pot in your house or build to see the inside and you can build on the in side.

I’m not too sure that I understand. you mean a way to look inside the house?

I believe they’re indicating a desire for something akin to google’s street view. However, this is already possible, the camera can clip through walls without much trouble, whether you’re trying to build structures or not. Personally, I find that it’s best to add furniture and details during the construction process, as despite being able to clip the camera around, you still can’t angle the camera upwards, making placing wall mounted items challenging in some instances.


think in your one of your people but you can see the inside of your house or build.

but you got to said yr it you can see in but i watch same youtube and there build same building with just the blocks and it looks good but there cant see the in side of the build so i think it would be good to have still.

Let me see if I can translate: you’re after a first person perspective in stonehearth, both for aesthetics as well as design. I’m not sure what you’re talking about having seen on youtube, but I can assure you that stonehearth doesn’t have any kind of first person integration, and insofar as I’m aware there isn’t any kind of first person mod available right now (though I could be wrong on that front, as I prefer to play without mods).

Either way, I don’t believe that we’ll see any kind of first person perspective in stonehearth. This is an RTS first and RPG third, fourth, or maybe fifth. A really big element of stonehearth’s gameplay is that you don’t get direct control over your hearthlings, something a first person perspective would presumably demand (and although there are exceptions to this, they tend to be for flavor rather than actual gameplay, something like the first person mods for Cities: Skylines). In a relatively recent desktop Tuesday we did hear something about how being able to point the camera upwards is a feature that is on the dev’s radar, but it goes hand in hand with the expansion of the world and handling the edges of the map, which are features relegated for the far future. In short, I think you’re out of luck if you’re unwilling to manipulate the camera through walls. If minecraft was what you were looking for, well, that game is already out there.

i think you mean a first person view like you can do in minecraft, theme park or planet coaster where you look trough the eyes of your citizen and see the world as they see it. Would be nice to have that option although i think it does not add much to the game play experience.


n o no i mean i like too see if stonehearth can pot same think like it in and yes i can play minecraft but not my cup or tea hahah

see you know what i am talking about but yr i know what you mean but i am just said you can go back and forwould from it.