A goblin hierarchy

This is just an idea, but as someone who has played shadow of mordor, i really enjoyed the hierarchy system. I propose a similar idea with the goblin clans. Each clan has a hierarchy of 5 lieutenants, 4 captains,etc. These characters would be generated with a unique characteristic/ability. You could learn of them from caravans or defeated goblin camps. I think this would add more meaning to the combat and even more of a goal to the game.


They will be adding goblin hierarchy.

I did not know that they planned to.

In their streams, Tom will sometimes work on their modeling. They are thieves, archers. shamans, and more! :smile:

i meant like a predefined series of captains and lords.

I don’t know about that, but there will be a lieutenant and a leader.

that would be really cool, and i agree it would add a goal and more depth to the game.