A few more Boulders

Is there a .json file I can edit to add a few more Stone Boulders around? keep running out of hung o’ stones for the blue/red roofs, or increase the occurrence of a large boulder to spawn?

One of the boulder_clusters in stonehearth.smod\scenerios\static\terrain\ should do it.

Also… someone figured out how to “mine” a mountain using the place floor building tool. But I can’t find the thread or remember who posted it, but I do remember that @sdee commented on it :smile:
I think they used it by clicking on the base of a cliff and dragging to somewhere on the top and the workers mine down to the “floor”, but I’m not sure…

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Change the durability value for the boulders. For example, change the small boulder from 1 to 100. :slight_smile:



      "stonehearth:resource_node": {
         "durability": 1


      "stonehearth:resource_node": {
         "durability": 100



Yup Yup that’s it :smile:

No wonder I couldn’t find the thread, it was a comment :laughing:

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