A Comment About Supply Racks and Bluebell

I don’t have a lot to say, so I’ll keep it short and sweet.

I’ve noticed my beloved Bluebell’s blue bell is off center. Maybe it’s how it was intended, however I can’t help but to notice every time I behold them. I included a photo just in case :sheep:

Also, I think it would be functionally and aesthetically nice if supply racks could hold potions for herbalists. Finished food products can be held on supply racks, so it doesn’t seem that supply racks are limited to materials or unfinished products.

That’s all I got. Thanks~!


supply racks, as their name implies, were intended to supply the raw materials which crafters would use. Finished work racks, on the other hand, were intended to store (I believe temporarily, although I’m not sure how this works – perhaps they have a lower “storage priority” than other containers?) finished products.

So, if you place a finished work shelf near your herbalist’s worktable then they’ll be able to store potions on it. However, they’ll still be stored in a container so you won’t be able to select them or anything like that. No container currently offers that functionality. The easiest option would be a modded item which looks like a supply shelf (uses the same model) but is just a flat surface which entities can be placed on, allowing you to keep potions on them the same way you’d place them on the ground.

Personally, I think the easiest solution for having potions somewhere usable is to put them in whatever container you want (e.g., a finished work shelf) and use my Obligation/Timer Tracker 1.1 mod. :wink: