A Client Window

So was thinking a lot lately about this, What about a client window when you start up the game.

The Client window will pop up first before game fully starts. In the window would have obviously the start game, and exit game.

Also shows
: Current update/patch build #
: Options for setting graphics before starting the game
: Workshop (if it get placed in the game)
: Background of Art
: News
: Links to Discourse/Desktop Tues/Twitch/Mainsite

just an idea


Excluding the News, which can easily be added the current layout, all of this is already on the main start menu. Add news where the image is and a button for workshop and you’d have this.

Sorry, but less menus the better for me.

kinda like LoL client and planet explorers client windows, not the main menu only reason i would ask for this is the linkage to sites and workshop. I really wouldnt want workshop and links on the main menu as it would have to shrink windows to open pages, when you have a small client window it doesn’t have to do that :stuck_out_tongue:

Workshop isn’t part of it yet, and is far from being part of it. Stonehearth Builds is the closest you’ll get to that for now.

Lol i know this been here since A6, And workshop is a possiblity in the future they discussed it as a way to let players just bring their builds in, just not a priority. i was talking about later on the suggestion of a small client window.

I think he means something like skyrim. So you can manage your mods etc before the start of the game so you can fix problems easier (for example if your game crashed because the graphic settings are too high or a mod doesn’t properly work and can crash the game easily ( I dunno how the last one could happen))

What would the benefit to such a window be?

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Change graphics before u start game, go to links and it wont shrink the windows, also can feed news and other patch notes in client w/o main game up. could show community art in background of client, or you can just add you own screen art to background of client. It was just a thought and idea anyways

I like the idea Michael. And there really needs to be a way for the players to get easy access to for example the stonehearthbuilds webpage that @BrunoSupremo has made.
And who knows what ideas and concepts could come to life if a feature like this was made?

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