A bit early but Christmas is coming (duh)

I have 7 nephews (not a niece to be found sigh) that I am seriously considering Gifting Stonehearth to for Christmas, they all play games similar to Stonehearth in some fashion (Minecraft, Gnomoria, Banished etc), I am curious if the current price will be the same?

I know it isn’t complete, but it’s a heck of a lot of fun even as is.

You would need a dev (like @brad) to confirm, but in the past, the team has said that pricing will stay right where it is, except for the occasional (unannounced) sale.

On the gifting note, I let my cousin play this over the Thanksgiving holiday last year (he doesn’t have a computer) and he loved it! Wanted to use my laptop during every possible moment.


Well if you were in Korea, No, because it seems like rarely does anyone play such laid-back games or games that actually have to buy,(unless it’s like… Super trending among the age group)

But you probably aren’t here, so i dunno, maybe gift them a small thing alsongside it in case they don’t enjoy it as much as you do?

(I’m not an adult that has to deal with presents, and i’m terrible at gifting, so… I probably have nothing to say)

Perhaps you could buy one of them it or a new steam account it and make them share with family share before Christmas.

If they like and fight over who gets to play perhaps get them it(or who likes it) for Christmas.


hmm… as @jomaxro said, other than the occasional sale, the price will most likely stay the same throughout development. if i’m not mistaken SH was in the steam winter sale last year, so it might be again this year…

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