Stonehearth Steam sale - 20% off!

hey folks!

for those of you who may still be on the fence, now’s your chance to get SH during the Steam Autumn sale… have fun! :smile:


Time to get my family some gifts! :grinning:

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Stonehearths definitely the best christmas present i can think of…


For those who are interested in buying this amazing game, but would like to save some bucks, Stonehearth is usually on 24.99 bucks on steam, but for 6 days you can find it at the comfortable price of 19.99! Go grab it while you can, if you were waiting for a small 20% off sale!

Other amazing games are also on sale on steam. Good time to be alive. The sale ends on december 1st!

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@8BitCrab please merge Stonehearth Steam sale - 20% off!