2534 - Suggestions


So these are a couple of suggestions from playing 2534:

-Some contrast on the stone/mountain walls. With no contrast or shaddows, it becomes difficult to see where you are mining.

-A hot key to highlight/jump from each hearthling would be helpful.

-A hot key / toggle button to make trees invisible would be quite helpful when trying to fight enemies and find your hearthlings.

-Not really suggestions…more of observations but…

-Compared to 2521, 2534 seems to bog down for long periods of time.
-The path finding seems to be better. Not sure if they are linked, but this seemed to coincide with more UI crashes/errors.
-Building still buggy. I had very simple buildings hang up.
-Long periods of time where no hearthlings would do anything despite having plenty to do (building in particular.
-More fighting! This build is great. The pace and frequency of enemy encounters went way up and its awesome!!!


I totally agree with you on the shadows. I can barely even see the entrance to my cave against the mountain wall!

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Or we either need a better “navigation” on where we are building / mining …
I believe both aproaches to be valid.