2494 - Camera distance

Camera distance

Camera max distance is variable.

Steps to reproduce:
Place camera at “plain” tile level.
Zoom out (mouse wheel)
3. Get Max distance out
Move camera (WASD) to highest available mountain.
Zoom out (mouse wheel)
6. Get Max distance out
Now move back to origin camera place
Notice how Max zoom distance (6) is now greater than originally allowed (3) when trying to zoom out.

Expected Results:
Zoom MAX distance back to original at step 3.

Actual Results:
Zoom MAX distance at step 6

I would have the game have a greater viewable MAX distance.
I understand this is not a critical error and might be taken care of at a much later stage in the game.


Versions and Mods:
Stoneheart 0.11.0 2494 x64 build
Mods: NONE.

System Information:
OS: Windows 7 – Professional edition
CPU: ?
Memory: 16 GB
Graphic Card: ATI HD 6800 Series