[188] Hovering held items

Simple enough, see pic:

Compare the plate of pumpkin mush to the corn cob.

Obviously not an earth-shattering issue, but perhaps a tweaked version of the carrying animation could be used here?

wow, good catch! :+1:

should the corn perhaps be held on a plate as well?

That’d also work of course, but a “carry small objects” animation might be handy anyway too. Think about thin class talismans and the like.

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ahh, good point… I just wonder which would be the more efficient fix…

adjusting the miniature models width, or creating the new animation to carry narrower objects (and making the units smart enough to know which animation to play for a particular item they are carrying)…

Oh, a new animation is definitely a less efficient fix (!), but in fairness I’m just sitting here not doing the work :wink: .

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:smile: :+1:

well… who knows? @Tom is quite the perfectionist! :wink:

Yeah, but do you think that would come anytime soon? :sweat_smile:

Sorry if I sound negative. I wish they fixed the rotating plates when eating in chairs, too.

A different animation for carrying small items would imply analyze the entity they are picking up to check its size and deciding the animation after that. I don’t know how much work would that imply. Probably not too much, but who knows.

An easier way would be a list: “use anim_carry_large except for objects on this list, in which case use anim_carry_small” etc.

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if in list item,
use anim_carry_small
use anim_carry_large

This way the logic is a bit cleaner and can be easily implemented in most languages I’m familiar with. It can also be expanded to include a wider set of animations… such as an if statement for when the Hearthling picks something up for advancement.

Or this might totally break.


Yes, a list or a simple property are possible implementations.