16 hearthings and the game is lagging

like its running on an craptop but its not im on a hexicore machine 24 gb ram and its only slow when the town is not in alert mode

heres a ss of my lua statusses bottom right bar keeps going solid blue every few seconds

Holy moly, what happened there? Place looks like a bloodbath!

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Odd, with my dualcore 2,4 Ghz the game starts noticeably lagging at 22 hearthlings (Give or take handful when enemies are present)

Maybe the game is not yet fully supporting all those cores! Lua and pathfinding seem to be the most CPU hogs which is understandable

Most of the time i dont realy have a problem with the amount of hearthlings in the screen (exept when i have like 40 of them). Maybe lower the quality settings or the number of lights? I could have happened they have reset with new updates or something. Just make sure those setting are set up the way you want

that looks like a bloodbath because its my trapper zone

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@dutchuss2016, as this is an A14 save, would you mind uploading it to the thread I have linked below. Even if it is not “epic” or “gigantic” (can’t tell from the screenshot), something with that many items on the ground is definately a save they will have some fun working on!


its a small town right nwo but makes 1k gold a game day (in value)1454528099534.zip (6.5 MB) heres the latest itteration of it as it is my current save some one please figure out why they wont build the house walls

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ok for somereason just to test the cpu is processing everything even graphics (i turned shadows off and my game regained some playability ) i dont believe this should be the case i think the lua should hand the graphics processing off to the graphics unit maybe create some kind of a hook that allows the gpu to do its job and relieve the processor this is now up to 24 hearthings was taking 12 seconds on ultra fast game speed for them to move one voxel over 1 min if the game was at normal pace to move one voxel i really dont want to start over :frowning:

also when i hit r to enable town defense mode the game runs smoother odd? frame rate in game is not having an issue just the lua moving hearthings and the games performance framerate solid 60s all day (with vertical sync on )

edit:2x 2 or more miners causes the issue i paused mining tasks as another test and luas job was easier