1500 Capacity Storage

Upon reaching a sustainable village, I had realized that despite my efforts, I could not focus goods/items into less than 4 Vaults, with Resources requiring roughly 6 or more vaults to remain comfortable. This is only increasing as I go, and I am wondering…

Why is there no storage container with 1500+ capacity to relieve citizens of finding optimal paths.

Something like this should be unlocked around the same time as the Geomancer in my opinion, but require a large amount of supplies and crafting time(I was thinking 100 Effort).

Some conceptions:

Blacksmith - Grand Vault (6x3x6)
Carpenter - Storehouse (11x5x11) – Use is located at door, items are visible through windows. No roof/wall visual changes as it is actually an object.
Potter - Storage Bunker (See above, clay exterior.)
Geomancer - Layline Void Storage (2x2x2) – Swirling portal of sorts allowing objects to be stored within space found in the laylines that the Geomancer uses to summon their magic.
Dragonborn King - Ancient Dragon Vault (6x3x6) – The Dragonborn King encounter now rewards with an item only attainable by helping defend his post!

Let’s get sorting down to 1 option!


I actually love this. If anyone wants to make a model, I’m more than happy to code it, since I have experience making storage items that show mini-versions of their stored items within them.


I would gladly model this if I knew what to use… voxel? :sweat_smile:

qubicle is the most often used one. but there are alternatives