11/3/2015 Video Voice

Did the person who did the voice for this Desktop Tuesday ever work as a flight attendant? I was about to buckle myself for a flight but I realized that the voice as coming from my computer and I was not in an airplane.

the thing I noticed out of her videos is how noisy her keyboard is :laughing:

The “person” who did the voice in Desktop Tuesday is Stephanie Dee (@sdee), one of the Stonehearth developers! To the best of my knowledge she has not ever been a flight attendant, I believe she worked for a large company as a software developer after college and has worked on Stonehearth since close to the very beginning.

If you want to “meet” @sdee, take a look at the latest dev stream on twitch (Twitch) where she does some live work on Stonehearth!


They use a mechanical keyboard for the desktop tuesday/twitch stream computer…I forget exactly what kind, but yes, they do tend to “click” a lot.


strangely that clicking reminds me of the keyboards we used when I was going to school, but they made a lot more noise then that lol