Desktop tuesday: mood!

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Barring unforseen technical difficulties, this week’s stream should happen as planned, and will feature the mysterious Chris Klochek working on hard engineering problems. Or talking in a French accent. Or swearing under his breath at Tony, who will not be present to defend his code decisions. Or all three! Find out on Thursday at 6:00pm PST.

This week, I’d also like to introduce you to a brand new Stonehearth Engineer, Justin Hamilton! Justin joined our team at the very end of last year, and has already: dramatically improved the performance of the cubemitter, improved engineering efficiency across the team by cutting build times by a third, and is currently investigating better ways of processing and handling crash reports. Outside Stonehearth, Justin most recently worked at Linkedin, and his 1,000 hour game is Dwarf Fortress. His favorite Stonehearth food is pumpkin, for it’s early game nutrition and late game stew-related versatility. Say hello to him on via his handle, @jamiltron :slightly_smiling_face:


Wohoooooo did you all see that.
A DOG and a kitten

And hello @jamiltron


Those… those have been there since… long ago…
Those are from the Kickstarter rewards :disappointed:
Still not completely finished.


Will those only be available to those who helped at the kickstarter?
If so is there any way to obtain them after the fact? I personally didn’t know about this game before 2 years ago but would love to get them.

yes, those are part of the exclusives from the $30 (kitten) and $50 (puppy) reward tiers.

i hope not, as that would be very unfair to those who supported the kickstarter and unlocked those reward tiers. i mean, why give out or promise exclusive rewards, if in the end everyone will get them anyways?

i’m in the same boat as you on not being able to support the kickstarter, but no matter how much those of us who couldn’t support the KS want the exclusive pets, the team still needs to keep their promises about exclusive rewards.


The problem with a game like this is that it’ll be incredibly hard to have exclusive rewards. I can almost guarantee that any “exclusive” items will be available via mod almost as soon as they become available to those who earned them.

Technically, the kitten already exists in the stonehearth files, there’s just nothing to make it actually exist in the world right now.

I’d also imagine any mods giving you access to exclusive content will be quickly taken down.


They’ll be taken down here maybe, but once they’re out there they’ll be out there forever.

If you try to put exclusives in a (currently) single player, extremely mod friendly game, you’re gonna have a bad time.

I wish we could have Hearthling mood emojis on the Discourse.

:cry: :disappointed: :expressionless: :slight_smile: :smile:

is much too round, yellow, and mouth-having, for example :stuck_out_tongue:


S[quote=“coasterspaul, post:9, topic:28145”]
I wish we could have Hearthling mood emojis on the Discourse.

That would be really cool. These emojis are so cute and “squary”.


My thoughts exactly. I can even feel my PS itching. I suppose I could give it a try, but I don’t have access to Discourse core installation, so only admins can make it happen.

About mood: what I feel “not right” is how mood meter reacts to hearthlings being attacked.
While I understand being attacked and/or injured is a serious factor, right now the meter swiftly drops to negative while the visible negative factors (injures, being attacked) do not seem so severe (2-4 “minuses”). From a gamer’s point of view, if he has several “positive factors” having more than 6 “pluses” total, the meter should not drop at all, even slightly rise. However it seems like the meter “ignores” positive factors for a short time when having threats and/or injures.
This can be remedied in three ways:

  • When serious negative factors are in play, mark them red, and some of the positive ones “bleak” (discolored). This way the player will see some factors are severe and suppress positive thoughts.
  • Slow down the meter dropping to match visible positive-negative balance.
  • Make serious negative factors have more “minuses”, visibly overriding positive thoughts and explaining the meter dropping. Big injuries already have this but threats and scratches don’t.

I might be able to add them :slight_smile:


We can use them as images for now (just drag the file to your message)

:merry: Thanks @Relyss! (Had to refresh for them to show)


Done! :forlorn: :glum: :content: :merry: :jubilant:
They are on the custom tab (you’ll see Mr Box up there).


:jubilant: yay @Relyss

Super rad.


This is so cool! :jubilant:


Hooray! :merry:Oh how I’ve longed for Hearthling emotes!:jubilant:


:merry: hehe

this is silly :jubilant: