Is that true that Desktop Tuesday and all streams this week are cancelled?


Such information can be found on Stonehearth’s subreddit, however I couldn’t find any official confirmation from Team Radiant.


sadly, it is indeed true, as can be seen on the Archer DT post.


oh just for this week though oh ok


I can’t take this… I NEED a DT! :open_mouth:


It’s gonna be a long week guys. Bunker up!



Dear god it’s happened…


Are the devs back now after a week of Rioting?


I would certainly like to know this too!


yes, they are back, so the streams and DT’s should be going back to the usual schedule :smile:


I think I need my DT fix. I’ve refreshed the main site 4 times now. That’s a bad sign, isn’t it?


:crying_cat_face: during the last of my finals no less…


Did everyone survive the Week Without Desktop Tuesday and Streams?

Yes, we’re back! Streams resume this week, as well as DT. Enjoy!


Have Tom and Toni ceased streaming?