YouTube Allowed During Alpha? Beta?

I am super excited about Stonehearth and I am looking forward to playing it as soon as the Alpha starts. One thing I think might be fun is to record my first reactions and maybe ongoing videos of releases and general game play. I just wanted to make sure it was not against the terms and conditions to post video of game play. Thanks.

Welcome aboard @brandonplee! :slight_smile:

Videos on sites such as Youtube are not just allowed, but positively encouraged by @sdee (one of the devs) :wink: so go nuts!

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No NDA is planned for the Alpha / Beta and the devs are looking forward to what we can bring up as videos, etc.:

Oops, forgot to add this to the Alpha 1: What to Expect thread!

But yes @brandonplee you will be allowed to upload videos to Youtube :slight_smile: Also congratulations on your last name. Preach it.

Welcome aboard … Oh wait, @Smokestacks stole my line!

Ah well, welcome regardless… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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