Writer's Workshop Theme Schedule

To allow you all a greater amount of time to develop your stories or do some pre-emptive work we’re going to post the theme schedule for the next four weeks here.

This will be a constant rolling schedule, so check here at all times to keep up to date with what is coming up.

Hopefully this makes it a lot easier for you all to decide which week to submit, to see what is coming up, and to do some prep on your stories as we understand that some of you might not find the time each and every week to create a submission.

As always we’ll take any feedback on board, so if you have any let either myself or @Geoffers747 know!

And feel free to submit a theme that could end up on the schedule. Thanks!

Cycle 2

  • Week 1, 8th August - 14th August.
    Theme - [color=#6600FF]‘The adventures of the village idiot’[/color] (Thanks @newf)

  • Week 2, 15th August - 21st August.
    Theme - [color=#6600FF]‘Who is helping the villagers build their settlement’[/color] (Thanks @Pandemic )

  • Week 3, 22nd August - August 28th.
    Theme - [color=#6600FF]‘The discovery of magic in Stonehearth’[/color] (Thanks @DrLank)

  • Week 4 (the final), 29th August - 4th September.
    Theme - [color=#6600FF]‘What happens when night falls’[/color] (Thanks @Geoffers747 )

Cycle 3

  • Week 1, 5th September - 11th September.
    Theme - [color=#6600FF]‘The Forging of a Kingdom’[/color] (Thanks @RoseyNineOneOne )

  • Week 2, 12th September - 18th September.
    Theme - [color=#6600FF]‘Close encounters of the Bunny Kind’[/color] (Thanks @Zendo )

  • Week 3, 19th September - 25th September.
    Theme - [color=#6600FF]‘My adventures in an alternate plane’[/color] (Thanks @SteveAdamo

  • Week 4 (the final), 26th September - 2nd October.
    Theme - [color=#6600FF]‘A tale of two towns’[/color] (Thanks @Relyss )

Cycle 4

  • Week 1, 3rd October - 9th October.
    Theme - [color=#6600FF]‘My Little Steam punk adventures’[/color] (Thanks @Smith )

  • Week 2, 10th October - 16th October.
    Theme - [color=#6600FF]‘The Burning, and how we were changed forever’[/color] (Thanks @CableX17 )

  • Week 3, 17th October - 23rd October.
    Theme - [color=#6600FF]‘Tales of a lost god’[/color] (Thanks @naturalnuke )

  • Week 4, 24th October - 30th October.
    Theme - [color=#6600FF]‘The Story of a Seafarer’[/color] (Thanks @Atralane )

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