Writer’s Workshop Submissions. Cycle 1, Week 4 - FINALS

Here we are for the first final competition of the Writer’s Workshop, and the theme for this week, thanks to @Arkelf, is The adventures of a geomancer and her golem.

Please note, this round is only open to our previous weeks winners: @CableX17, @PDanford, @voxel_pirate and @RoseyNineOneOne.

Just to go over the rules once more:

  • You can only submit one story per week. Given that this is the final round, we’ve bumped up the word count - we’re asking for submissions to be no more than 750 words. A slight overage is allowed. :wink:

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Story submissions will close on the Wednesday August 7th.

Please also note: we’ll be changing up the schedule in a bit, giving folks a look ahead at upcoming themes.

Good luck to our finalists! :smiley:

7th Bittermun, 147

Dear Diary, yesterday I became 6 years old. My biggest wish, being liked by the other kids, did not come true. We have been competing in letting stones jump over Lake Elphir. Mer won again, because his jumped like 9 times. Why does it seem like my stones are becoming wings once I throw them? They never ever hit the water! Is it because I am a girl?

For dad it was a hard day. He was fishing on the other side of the lake and was hit by something. He has now a big bruise on his head and looks like mom discovered him again with the ale in his hands.

12th Firstaur, 150

They only call me if they need my help. I do not know why, but water, earth and even air seem to like me. Today the kids asked me helping them getting some water from the well. The crank is almost broken and it takes like forever to lift the bucket up. Water is so gentle and comes to me if I call it. Why do I have such a close tie to elements?

4th Thirdaur, 156

Today I was lying under a tree on a small hill close to our village. As often, I was playing around with some pebbles. It is so nice to let them fly around in a circle and turn faster and faster. I can already manage to keep five of them up in the air… at once!

While I was concentrating on my play, a stranger approached me. Although mom told me to be careful with foreigners, I was not afraid at all. He passed more than half of his Bittermuns in age and his face looked like many adventures wrote stories into his wrinkles. The old man took out some gems and begun to let them dance around my pebbles.

10th Thirdaur, 156

In the last days I woke up early and mom had to remind me to grab some breakfast. I have spent every free hour on the hill and every day Dall showed up. Dall, that is the name of my new friend. He can do what I can, just that he is older and has so much more practice. Dall told me that I am gifted and should be proud of my special bond to the elements. He offered me to share some of his secrets with me… me!

21st Newmun, 157

Dall told me today that he needs my help. Can you imagine? My mentor asked me, if I can assist him! How could I dare and say no? We will be leaving tomorrow.

22nd Newmun, 157

Mom would never allow me to leave our village and for sure not with someone she does not know. I was sneaking out of the house while it was still dark and met Dall on the hill.

After some hours of walking, Dall revealed to me the reason why he asked me for help. It seems that with age, people like we do increase their tie to the elements. Some of us are able to summon a creature which consists of a chosen element. This creature will accompany the “master” and support him with his tasks, as long as he is able to maintain the bond. So some days ago, Dall and his creatue have been looking for an ancient scroll in the ruins of an old monestry, located just a day travel from my village. In the tombs they have been attacked by fierce skeletons and Dall had to leave the Golem (how this elementals are called) behind, to escape.

24th Newmun, 157

I think this was the first adventure of my life! It was hardly possible for us to pass the skeletons, which where still wandering around the ruins. Once we have made it to the Golem, it seemed like Dall was too weak to resurrect him by himself. Hours after we already left the monestry (all three of us) my knees where still shaking. I am amazed what I was able to do. Without me, Pebbles would not be anymore! Pepples? Well, “Golem” sounds so weird and he is made out of stone, right? I could never forgive me if I would have left such a majestic creatue alone and I feel so alive now. I guess this is how friendship must feel.

The journey leaves me with one question to answer… is it already over?


“Well this is embarrassing…” I thought while shifting uneasily into a slightly less uncomfortable position on the branch of the tree I climbed on.
A few moments ago I nearly fell off trying to shoot some arrows at the goblins at the foot of the tree, but that was not the reason for my line of thought.
I was – am – not really ready to admit it, but maybe hunting really was not my calling, what kind of hunter misses a pack of goblins sneaking up on him?

Anyway I was in quite a situation now “Hey cut it out” I yell at the goblins, trying to deflect the stones they throw with my boots. This really was silly, I might even die here.
Maybe if I found a way to alert some nearby guards…
out of the corner of my eyes I notice something moving in the distant underbrush and turn my head to look there.

The sight electrifies me, its a human that much I can see “Leave me alone you brutal creatures” I yell ever more loudly, hoping I will be noticed.
Not to attract unwanted attention to my ray of hope I only take hidden looks in the direction and my hopes get a kick in the gut, apparently an unarmed woman is standing there.
I feel a bit more secure in my position now and try to lob another arrow down, there have to be like 20 goblins… I would have to hit fatally with about every single arrow I have, well that one at least pinched a goblins behind and a ruckus starts below.

Unnerved I take a detailed look at the lady, she just seemed to contemplate my situation instead of running to fetch some guards.
Oh! She is doing something now. Did we have a wizard back at the settlement? I did not know, or wait, I heard a rumor. Anyway she is waving around some glowy staff thingy, making all sorts of circle movements.
This is not good she will make much too much noise.
I turn back to provide a better distraction, but some goblins I see already taking looks at the direction I was staring at “Confound it” I yell loudly “Look at me you beasts – you wanna see how much gold I carry? He I show you!”

But its too late already, a loud crackling and humming is to hear now and a sphere of light built up around the dame. I could yell at a tree and get as much attention as I get from the goblins.

I shoot three more arrows down and score minor hits, but the goblins move off undisturbed. “This is silly” I mutter while I start climbing down the tree, loudly I yell "Lady be quick whatever you do, they are coming after you!"
Well I am no hero by any means, but something had to be done, of the three goblins that remained to “guard” me I jump down on two, knocking them out by landing hard on them.
The remaining one I manage to knock out with my fist, which frankly quite surprises me.

As I run towards the direction of the lady in danger I hear much louder crackling than before and some goblins yelling, but then my blood freezes. The rumors were true, a shape that must be a good 3 to 4 meters large takes shape, while ever quicker the earth around it solidifies.
I hold my breath and when the head – if one could call it that – took shape a deep blue glow lightens up in the place of the eye sockets.
Now I run quicker, not to miss the show, its something I really want to see, for my foul part of character did build up quite a grudge.

Its all I could hope for and more, the golem picked up a small tree and two goblins fly past me as I finally arrive at the scene and it just sweeps away another 5 with one swishing movement.
The geomancer is surrounded by another 5 goblins though, well 4 now as one took a bad knock on the head from her staff.
While I get closer she manages to knock down two more, but the remaining two got hold of her staff.
I strike one down, which allows her to take care of the last one.

“Thank you!” I say – losing no time we set off in the direction of the settlement.
This whole event left me on a high and I cannot help to notice her striking beauty, long curly dark brown hair. A dress with blue and green colors.
And I could lose myself in those green eyes!
Even the golem behind us does not scare me a bit right now.
“Hey, I am Peter by the way, what’s your name? Would you maybe like to get a drink later?” Oh man, real smooth.

I feel the arms of the golem heaving me up, just so he puts me 5 meters above ground on a tree branch, then quickly removes the lower branches.
Smiling from down below the lady says “I am Kayla and – I’ll think about drinks, if you get down soon.” Then she and her golem set off.

“Well this is embarrassing…”


just a reminder to @CableX17 and @RoseyNineOneOne that we’re fast approaching the finish line for the first cycle… :wink:

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The chamber was dark, dank, with a damp scent hanging in the air. Moss grew on the chiseled stone walls, dripping steadily. A small light came through the cracks in the door set in the corner. Along the walls, rows upon rows of steady stone eyes gazed into the center of the room, where she sat, holding a well cut blue crystal. It gave off a steady blue glow that gave the golems around it an eerie glow.

The Geomancer sat in front of a golem in the middle of the room, her legs crossed, staring into the crystal. It pulsed gently as she put her hand over it. Magic, something that most of the townsfolk do not understand, was her element. She forged life from earth, and this was the catalyst to bring the golems to their feet, to become mindless laborers for the kingdom's mighty constructions. She wondered if they had their own thoughts. Feelings. These thoughts crossed her mind often. But she had little time to ponder.

She stood up and pressed the crystal into the chest socket of the golem before her. It did nothing for a moment, until the crystal flashed, then dulled to a faint glow. The golem's eyes began to glow with a steady blue light, and it looked up at her. For a moment, it looked sad, gazing at her with wide blue eyes. But then it got up, it's sad appearance replaced with a menacing look. It was waiting.
She pointed to the door, knowing that the workers outside would put him to good use. She looked into the soulless rock's eyes. Slowly, it nodded its head, and headed towards the door. She watched it go, the wide doors opening, spilling daylight into the room. Just as fast, they closed, and everything was dim again.

The Geomancer looked to the next golem in the row. Without the crystal, it was just a dull, lifeless rock. She picked up another crystal from the case at her side, and looked at it closely. She took a step forward, towards the next golem, and set it in the its chest socket. The crystal again flashed,  then dimmed. All as usual. The monotonous work never changes.

The Golem stood up, and glared down at her with blood red eyes.

The saga continues. Yet another twist of perspective, would love to hear what you think of this one. And for the sake of convenience, here are one, two, and three, although they are not closely related, so I can assure you that not having read them won’t change this story for you much at all. Enough rambling, enjoy :blush:

It is dark. There is no sound in the dark. He thinks…something. He’s not sure what he thinks in the dark. About thinking. About the dark. There is no sound. There is nothing to feel. There is the dark. You don’t know about the dark. You haven’t been in dark like this. Where he is, there is darkness. Nothing more.

But then the light comes. From where? Does he go to the light? Is the light coming to him? He isn’t sure, he never is. He’ll probably never know, but that’s okay. He’s okay with not knowing, he doesn’t need to know. He is too busy thinking about what comes with the light. The light is getting brighter, soon there will be sound. If he is needed for finer works, he might even get to feel.

She tells him what to do, and he listens, because he knows she brought the light. She needs his help, otherwise she wouldn’t bring the light. The sound. Maybe even the feel. Sometimes he wishes she would call him just to bring the light, but she doesn’t, she calls him only when she has need. But that’s okay, so long as she brings the light.

He sees the swirling snow. He sees the rocks. He sees her, shivering. She is cold, very cold. Now he can hear the wind, the chatter of her teeth. She is colder than he thought. He can’t feel, knows it isn’t coming. That’s okay, he doesn’t think he wants to feel that cold. She points to where the path is steep, where boulders block the way. She wants him to move the boulders, he can feel her intent, it comes as clear as the light.

He moves. He likes to move, doesn’t get to do it often. He hears her mutterings as he begins to slowly lift the boulders. They are heavy. There are many of them. But he will move them. He moves slow, slow because it keeps the light longer. But not too slow, then he isn’t worth calling. Isn’t worth the light. The thought makes him move a little faster, but not much, he doesn’t want to lose the light. She mutters about being crazy, about them saying it was impossible alone. She says she should have listened to them.

“It doesn’t matter now. Have to keep going forward. No choice but to find The Five on the other side of the mountain.” He likes to listen, not as much as he likes to move, as much as he likes to see, but still he likes it. He moves the last of the boulders, she can pass now. It gets harder to hear, soon he can’t. The light fades. He watches as his hands and arms crumble, back into rocks. He doesn’t feel sad. He will miss the light, but he hopes it will come again. Sometimes he helps build shelters. She will need shelter, it is cold, very cold. The light is gone now.

In the dark he thinks about the light. About the words she said. He isn’t sure what they mean, but he thinks about them, and he will for a long time. Until he doesn’t anymore. Then he will think about the light. Then he will think only about the dark. It is so very dark. He hopes she calls him again soon, he misses the light. Why does he have to leave the light? He doesn’t think she has to leave the light. It doesn’t seem fair. That’s okay though, as long as he gets to experience the light. He is sure there are those like him that never have. There have to be. So he is grateful for the light. He hopes it will come again soon.


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